LFFB Blog Posts – Tidal Range (Parts 1 + 2 + 3)

LFFB Blog Posts – Tidal Range (Parts 1 + 2 + 3)

I am sure many of my readers and followers across all social media platforms are already aware of the ‘Lure Fishing For Bass – Blog Posts icon (and what it links to) on my homepage. But just in case you weren’t aware, by clicking this tab you will navigate to a list of separate blog posts that I write for the online bass/lure fishing store Lure Fishing For Bass.

LFFB Blog Posts

Tidal Range Series

The reason for this post is to highlight a recent series relating to ‘Tidal Range.’ Encompassed within these short articles I describe what it is, how to record it and how naturally occurring elements can affect it. Furthermore, I recount some experiences (both while fishing and guiding) and examples of actual marks where the range of tide can make a significant difference to the chances of catching, in addition to examples of lure choice when fishing during neap, mid-range or high spring tides.

Albie Snax

The posts can be read in their entirety on the LFFB website here and are designed to assist the angler new to this arena (or inexperienced at Sea Fishing) to understand how crucial the depth of water over a reef or patch of shingle can be, alongside the speed and direction of the current. As mentioned above, you can utilise the icon on my Homepage or you can click on each part separately by clinking on the links below:

Part 1 What is Tidal Range + How to record it

Part 2 Naturally occurring elements that can affect it

Part 3 Examples and experiences

Tidal Range Part 1


I am waiting and hoping (as I’m sure all bass lure anglers out there are) that the weather settles somewhat during the final third of March, so that I can attempt to explore some areas that have been unfishable due to the consistently high winds and rough, coloured seas. During some very brief  and quieter interludes, and on marks particularly sheltered from the elements, I have managed to land a couple of very small bass, at night, on the weedless, weightless senkos this week. But it would be great if the majority of us were able to head out onto the coastline with a chance of an early season fish…

And with what I consider to be that significant zone of 10ºC in regards to the sea temperature tantalizingly approaching my stretch of coastline (having fleetingly moved south and westwards) I will be making the most my personal fishing opportunities before my guiding commitments commence to really ‘have a go.’

I been have fishing a new mark this week and have landed a couple of very small bass – time and more effort into this extremely shelted region will tell as to whether the bigger ones are resident…

My ‘Bookings’ and ‘My Book’

As it currently stands my bookings are filling up very quickly indeed. I only have availability in early April (which is looking prosperous in regards to bass numbers based on the numbers I have caught this year so far), around the two middle weeks in July, the 4-10 August and the entirety of September, October, November and December. Therefore, if you are considering a guided session with me then it may prove advantageous to book sooner rather than later.

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The recent independent reviews in the angling press (by Henry Gilbey and the Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society) can be found here. Furthermore, this self-published book is currently only available directly from me, therefore, if you would like to purchase a copy you can either pay via PayPal (via the icon below) or if you do not have a PayPal account or you postage to a location outside of the UK then please contact me via the Contact Form at the bottom of this post.


Thanks for reading.

Marc Cowling

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