The Lure of The Bass – The Reviews

The Lure of The Bass – The Reviews

bass book the lure of the bass

It’s been just over four months now since I released my self-published book ‘The Lure of The Bass.’ At the time of writing I have sold just over 700 copies – a figure that is way beyond what I imagined I would sell! I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to those who have purchased it and for all the kind comments that I have received – I shall publish some of those later in this post.

Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society

The current edition (Issue 161) of The Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society magazine features an in-depth review of my book – all I can say is that I am over the Moon! The full review, written by Nigel Fairclough of BASS is below:

“When I was a young man & I bought a new (to me) car, one of the first things that I bought was a Haynes Manual. The Haynes Manual team stripped a car down to a pile of nuts, bolts, gaskets & springs & rebuilt it. Each process of the strip down & re-build was photographed & described in detail. So much so that a total mechanical numpty like me could have some degree of confidence in tackling some repair jobs on the car, that without the book I would not have dared to attempt.

The Lure of The Bass is the Haynes Manual of Bass Fishing with lures. Every aspect of lure fishing (apart from buck tail jigs) appears to be covered in this book. I would almost describe the book as scientific in the approach & the way in which each area & aspect is covered.

Firstly I have to say that I bought my copy of the book off Marc Cowling. I didn’t get a free book to review, even though Marc knew that I would be reviewing it. I wanted to pay for the book then I could be totally honest about my thoughts of his writing skills & his bass knowledge.

It would be safe to say that once it was known that a new bass book was in the pipeline & that it would be published later in the year, there were a lot of people counting down the days to get their hands on a copy. Let’s face it new books about our favourite fish are few & far between. So can you re-invent the wheel, or bass book in this case?? Well yes I think so.
I can’t think of another bass book that is quite like this.
Marc Cowling is a bass guide & a fairly recent one at that, but his knowledge of fishing & bass fishing especially, is built on strong foundations, as fishing has been his passion since his childhood. And since his change of career to bass guiding, he has built on those knowledge foundations with hours, days & nights of fishing & research in his area. His blog posts & the encouraging words that he received about them motivated him to write this book.

The book covers every last inch of the bass fishing subject. If there is a book that the beginner should read & the experienced bass angler should have in their library, then this is the one.

The book starts with a Foreword by Henry Gilbey, but don’t let that put you off. Only joking Henry. This is followed by an introduction by Marc which is a recount of a bass that he caught over twenty years ago on an eleven foot carp rod, a 5000 size bait runner reel, 12lb monofilament line & a cheap shallow diving lure. A tale that all us anglers of a certain age can relate exactly to.

The following chapters cover everything from the bass food items, locations to fish, tackle in minuet detail, even down to the lure clip. The factual information about lures, rods, locations etc are interspersed with reminiscences of solo fishing trips or guided sessions that are so vivid that you could almost be there helping land the bass.
I tried very hard to find something that Marc had missed out of this publication & like I have said earlier, buck tail jigs is the only thing that I could find missing. That said I really don’t know too many bass anglers that have ever used or thought of using buck tail jigs. But every other lure discipline is covered. Hard lures of all types, soft plastics, jig heads, metals, needle lures etc they are all covered in detail of when, where & how to fish them.

What I particularly like is the time that Marc has spent meticulously gathering factual information about his catches & openly sharing that knowledge with his readership. Percentage catches caught in various conditions are all noted, from the size of the lure, to the clarity of the water, to the lunar cycle, the height of the swell, sea temperature, to the barometric pressure readings. Marc has really put some effort into being a good, knowledgeable bass guide & this he injects into the pages of this book. The visual charts with all this information on are very easy to absorb.

The annotated photographs of potential bass hold spots, the lure to real bait comparisons are invaluable in assisting the ever knowledge hungry bass angler in his quest for silver.
It’s also great to see a book that allocates some space to advise anglers on safety equipment that we should all wear or carry when fishing. We all know those areas that could see us end up in the water & be in serious trouble if we did.

For £16.99, which is less than the price of a decent quality hard lure, you can get yourself this book, which has so much knowledge & inspiration between the covers on its two hundred & twelve pages. This book is a contemporary, bang up to date book, that will join the other classic bass books by those famous anglers past & present in the bass anglers library to be read & re-read on those days when we can’t get out to wet a line.
A great book, well done Marc.”

Henry Gilbey’s Review

Bass fishing at dawn
Little did I know back in May 2018 that this photograph of a client (and now friend) fishing early one morning would grace the front cover of my own book. Yet when I came to decide, this image just stood out as ‘the one.’

Angling Writer and Photographer Henry Gilbey is well known within the world of angling and journalism. Indeed, he himself has had a number of books published and he continues to educate and inspire anglers all over the world with his reviews on equipment, his catches and that of his fellow anglers, alongside highlighting new techniques, lures and, of course, the safety aspect of fishing in general. His review can be found on his superb website here.

The readers ‘Comments and Reviews’

Bass fishing on lures during winter
One the actual photographs taken from the book. I captured this one of me fishing just under a year ago, on the 10 second timer, following a few adjustments!

Below is a snapshot of some of the very kind and positive ‘comments and reviews’ that I have personally received from the most important people of all – those who have purchased and subsequently read the book:

B Knight – Book is great!!! Just thought I’d let you know 2nd time out after the guiding trip had 2 bass a schoolie and 58cm bass in about 2ft of water I noticed at low tide there was a depression underneath the rock once there was a bit of water over it first cast bang!!!

R Morrissey – Marc finished the book absolutely excellent, I’m back picking through chapters again really loved it.

S Osborn – It’s a brilliant read. So much information highly recommended!

A Founds – Had mine the weekend and already half way through it, its a very good read, I will be recommending it!

A Cooper – My copy came at the weekend, very interesting and only 20 pages read so far! Highly recommended.

P Spratt – Just finished reading your book. It is excellent. I recommend others buy it.

C Smith – Your book is fantastic Marc and has really opened my eyes to lure fishing for Bass. I can’t wait for next year to put the knowledge into practice. Thanks again and I’m going to start reading it over tomorrow. I have already had a successful trip over high water which until I had read the book would not have even tried.

C Price – Fantastic book, the amount of information is through the roof!!

T Jones – Awesome book dude – really fires the imagination.

E James – It really is a fantastic book. I have learnt so much from it, can’t wait to put it all into practice.

L Tucker – Incredible amount of info and detail. Fair play to Marc sharing this level of information. To me, this how fishing should be.

S Tanner – Marc. Your Book The Lure of The Bass is Superb, Its A Credit To You.

J Hucklesby – Finished your book! Just like to say well done on a great read. Particularly enjoyed the section on night fishing and also the use of soft plastics to imitate something as natural as possible. Lots to have a go at! I’ve recommended it and a friend has ordered one to.

I Puzek – Dear Marc, I have received the book, and read it. It is so full of details that I will have to go through some parts again (and again 😉 but it has already given me plenty of ideas to explore. In particular the night fishing part is super useful to me, but it is also the whole context of how you moved from fishing in daylight to night that is very valuable to me in building the mosaic for my marks and conditions.

D Topple – Hi Marc. Really impressed with the book. It’s a real eye opener for me in regards to the marks to consider. Some places that I would just normally walk past will be re-visited this year.

J Lindsay – Book arrived safely, have read nearly all of it already. Head buzzing with lots of ideas and things I’d like to try on my local marks. And lots of new lures to try…Many thanks for a terrific read!

Lee Russell – I have been looking for a decent book dedicated to bass lure angling for a number of years and when I finally got to speaking to Marc on a regular basis and found out that he was writing this book I couldn’t wait to read it.  I was almost at the stage where I was going to print off his blogs and staple them together to make it myself hahaha.

It’s a brilliant read. The kind of reference book you can go back to before and after a session and think about what you have learnt and how it compares to Marc’s experience.
I’d have happily paid more for my copy, and it now sits on my bedside table with my copy of your fishing encyclopedia my fiance got me a few years back (which I read the travel section of again and again when planning holidays).

The information in Marc’s book is worth it’s weight in gold. Just how to fill your lure box with the right variety to cover all conditions and how to use the lures effectively will help me and many many others to  increase their own catch rates.
On my first guided session Marc enthusiastically guided me to my first ever specimen sized bass on a lure which is still my PB! If you haven’t got a copy, get one!!!!!!

A. Martin – I’ve had my copy since Christmas and is already dogeared coffee stained and read over a few times. I am fairly new bass fishing having pike fished and chub fished for years, the book is a gold mine of info and ideas. A must have, especially at this time of the year. Inspirational.

G. Bass – Super Book Marc. So full of info and ideology. A must have in my view and opens the mind to many new approaches. The statistics contained open the mind as well.
Just reading my copy for the third time. Is a great reference book going forward.

F. Joy – May I add my thanks and appreciation for the lifetime of knowledge and experience you have shared in your superb book with us bass nuts, it is an Aladdins cave of bass fishing treasure, many many thanks Marc.

L. Pickston – A really good read. Informative and very inspiring with lots of great information based on Marc’s knowledge over many years, a huge building block for the reader to build upon on his/her quest for future Bass angling adventures. Its such a good book, that to do it justice a hard back copy would be a nice option- it’s not a comic ! and truly deserves its rightful place amongst other angling books on a shelf.

How to purchase a copy

This book is not for sale anywhere else as present while I investigate other potential avenues. If you would like to purchase via PayPal then please click on the icon below. The price includes postage and packaging. If you do not have a PayPal account then please contact me via the Contact Form at the bottom of this page and I will reply to you with alternative methods of payment (BACS, Bank Transfer or Cheque).


Book – ‘The Lure of The Bass’ by Marc Cowling

A modern approach to catching European Sea Bass on lures by Marc Cowling.




  1. Hi Marc I bought your book a couple of months ago, and in my opinion it is a brilliant read for any bass and/or Lure angler of ANY ability I live in Liverpool and fish around Anglesey and can tell you that I can relate your book to very many marks around the island Best regards, Ralph Bennett 

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