“I‘ve been lucky enough to find out about Marc from WSF forum and we booked a 4hr session as I was short of time due to family vacation. As a fairly experienced angler (20+ years) I wasn’t sure what to expect and in the back of my mind didn’t want to ‘waste’ money on a guide…well I can honestly say it was well worth it…every penny. I could have wasted a day just to look for marks let alone knowing how and when to approach them…

Devon bass fishing marksMarc was excellent throughout…communication was top-notch, when we met at agreed 1:50am he was on time to a minute (which is a good indicator of a professional in my books). We went to a nice safe spot, he really knows the South Devon coastline well to pick the right mark in the right weather/tide conditions.

He was very encouraging during the session and kept my morale hight when I was becoming a bit doubtful…after 3 hours of ‘combing’ the beach it has all paid off- 70cm bass, my PB for a long time I suspect. I went home with a big grin on my face and I’m a lot more confident bass angler…what more can you ask for? Thanks Marc.” (M.Smiga)



Guided bass fishingWhat a great all round Guy to venture out onto the stunning Devon shoreline with & he certainly knows every inch of his coastline virtually down to the second the fish is going to hit the lure !

I would recommend him to experienced and beginners alike .
Certainly be back!” (D. McPhillips)




Bass in rough seasJust got back from an amazing 8 hour session. Shattered, soaking wet and couldn’t be happier. Marc’s knowledge of the marks, techniques, watercraft and lure selection is second to none. I caught bass in places I wouldn’t have even considered fishing before this trip, landing a bass off the beach in heavy surf was the absolute highlight. I’m now going to revisit some marks I’ve overlooked in the past, definitely an eye-opening experience and a real confidence booster. Couldn’t recommend it more.” (A. Grimmer)



“I grew up fishing in the Bristol Channel and moved to south Devon a few years ago and discovered lure fishing…. something very alien to fishing the murky upper reaches from where I was familiar! I was intrigued to try and understand a bit more about venue, state of tide, weather, tides, lure selection etc. I first became aware of Marc when his F.B page appeared via a childhood friend of mine Jansen Teakle who has since become a respected fishing guide in the Bristol Channel. I decided to treat myself to a guided session.

Bass caught on a needlefish

I was a little apprehensive about what to expect but straight away Marc put me at ease with his friendly and enthusiastic manner. We fished for 8 hours in tough conditions and at no point did he lose his optimism or encouragement. The knowledge he has built up over years turned out to be invaluable. We fished into the night and sure enough we dialled into prolific action…. many takes, lost fish, schoolies landed, then culminating in a stunning 3lb plus fish in great condition. A thoroughly enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone. Cheers Marc.” (S. Angelinetta)



“Hi Marc, Thanks for a fantastic weekend. I learnt so much in one weekend from you. I am so grateful for the knowledge you shared with me. I was very impressed with your patience and having you right next to me giving great advice was reassuring.

Senkos and bass fishing at night

It gave me confidence to cast in areas I would not normally fish and in ways I have never fished before. I loved using all the lures that I have purchased and catching on them. Knowing how to use new lures will save me valuable time on my solo trips instead of learning the hard way. Learning to identify potentially good places to fish was also an added bonus. You have given me much food for thought. First night was an absolute blast and very exciting. Loved every minute of it and I will be back for more sessions. To anybody reading this, make a date with Marc. You will not regret it. Cheers!” (K. Dewey)



Wrasse on lures“I’ve holidayed in South Devon for over 30 years and have fished the area for most of that time. I thought I would book a day out with Marc to try and learn new marks in the area. We fished areas I wouldn’t even thought of going to before. I learned a whole lot more than I ever knew about the area before and fished some super looking spots. Unfortunately we were not blessed with the bass gods that day, but did get a couple of feisty wrasse. Top bloke and top guiding service, can’t wait to get back down there!” (T. Lambert)



“I recently had a couple of bass guiding sessions with Marc Cowling, one in the daylight and another in the dark and what a thoroughly informative, exciting, tiring and enjoyable experience it was.

I had been out with a bass guide on a boat previously and last year a few times on the coast and some guided trips for bone fish /sea trout etc.
What I’ve noticed is that every guide I have been lucky enough to use, really knew their craft and for me being a tourist on vacation the money spent with a local guide was well worth it. I did do my home work though!
I had been leisure fishing in Cornwall for nearly 50 years either alone or for last twenty years with my nephew or younger son on holidays but never caught bass when we were trying to do so!

This brings me around to why I started thinking about using a bass guide.
I was realising that although I thought I had made a big progression, it is water craft /knowledge of conditions/temperature etc. that is such a huge factor and I simply had not put in enough hours to give me a picture of where the best marks I knew would be on a particular day.

I don’t live near the sea I am more than happy to spend money on a guide who will impart his knowledge on given day but what I do know is that when I met Marc a few weeks back I got my money’s worth from my endless questions and knowledge freely imparted from him. I knew I was in for one of the best opportunities I would ever get to catch my best bass to date. Was I surprised it happened ? NOT AT ALL.

Having completed the formalities of filling in forms for his insurance which was very reassuring and something I don’t think I’ve been asked to do before in the UK. He’s also very professional and reassuring gauging risk assessment all the time. I felt from his infectious enthusiasm when we made our way to the 3 marks chosen that he was very optimistic about my chances (* key note Marc never fishes himself when guiding.

Big bass on surface lures

Would I go again with Marc as guide? I would say unequivocally yes.
I have also gone more than once with other bass guides and I think he’s great value for what he offers. If you are a holiday maker who lives far from south Devon as I do and probably countless other clients of his, then you know that you have a good a chance as any of getting a good fish and learn more about this craft .
I know that good bass guides like Marc put in a huge amount of hours to find marks that suit different client skills and physical capabilities for a given day on someone’s holiday when shuffling dates are awkward.

Regarding the fishing I did feel relaxed very early on when he had set me a few casts and then he just stepped well back and let me do my own thing.
There was no pressure at all and when you add up a lot of the seemingly small plus points they amount to a guide that has obviously put a lot of time in to thinking about how to go about a days fishing with their client to make it memorable, enjoyable, safe and informative and in this respect he delivers in spades.

I hope that this laboured review will help anyone who has found South Devon Bass Guide site make a decision about whether hiring a bass guide is worth it.” (J. Clarke)



“Saturday 19th August, what an amazing 8 hours! I’ve been sea fishing on and off for about 20 years but recently got back into it about 3 or 4 years ago. Even more recently I decided to take the plunge into lure fishing. I would by no means call myself a fishing expert or a novice but lure fishing is still all fairly new to me.
I’ve had a few successful trips on the lures but I wanted to learn more! In steps the fabulous Marc Cowling. Marc picked me up and took us to our venue for the day. Marc was very keen to know about my experience and what I wanted from the day, this allowed Marc to give me the best fishing experience.

Happy clients south devon bass guideAs soon as we got to the location for the day (just before low tide) Marc was pointing out marks to fish that I would never normally have thought to fish and from them on in Marc unloaded his wealth of knowledge throughout the day.
Marc definitely put me on the fish and almost timed bites to the minute. We landed some good fish and lost some even better fish. Marc cares so much about his clients experience he was more disappointed about the lost fish than me.
If anyone is sitting on the fence and can’t decide whether to book with Marc or not my advice would be book ASAP you won’t be disappointed and you’ll definitely have a good day! I will be re booking in the future.” (P. Richardson)



“I had an exceptional experience with Marc from South Devon Bass Guide! Last Autumn my legendary wife booked a surprise birthday Bass Guiding day with Marc and my Brother in law where Marc imparted a huge amount of Bass theory on the way to our marks. We fished all day and caught several lovely fish from varied locations and states of the tide.

Bass caught on lures in MarchThis year, I had been pestering Marc all Winter to go guiding once again as soon as he thought we might have a chance of an early season catch, and through his expertise I landed a 3lb March Bass which I was thrilled about.

I can now take my fishing forwards with the knowledge that I’m not wasting cash on pointless lures, or time on bad technique!

A thoroughly great couple of experiences that I won’t forget. Cheers Marc, all the best for the future.” (J. Gunning)




Stunning south Devon“Me and a friend went out with Marc for a 4 hour session, keen to learn about marks, conditions, lures etc for catching bass. Marc was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about lure fishing for bass.

We both came away with a vastly increased knowledge in what to look for, so we’re more than happy, and confident that we’ll be getting amongst these awesome fish on our own adventures. Marc knows the South Devon coastline as well as anyone. I can’t recommend Marc’s services highly enough.” (D. Rich)



“I had a day out with Marc in September 2016, where do you start, well 1. Safety –
Marc is A1 on this, we got onto some great rocks and I learnt about tides and timings so you don’t get wet or stuck and as Marc’s confidence grew in my ability we tried more challenging spots safely.

How to catch bass in darkness2. Marc knows his stuff and I learnt loads about what to look for, his knowledge is vast and he answers your questions 3. He tells you to keep notes….boring but it works 4. The pasties are great 5. He’s a really nice guy who wants you to catch bass.

Following another session in October 2017 – Andrew wrote “I was buzzing when we packed up, could have gone on for a couple of hours more! Thanks for a great evening.” (A Price)




Bass in sunny conditionsHad a great time being guided by Marc!! Would recommend to anyone who wants to try Bass fishing!! (B. Knight)







Client testimonies south devon bass guide“Decided to have a try at bass fishing and Marc was recommended to me as a guide for South Devon.

His knowledge of this coastline and fishing with lures is second to none.
This is a very addictive form of angling and will definitely be booking again”. (M. Sinclair)





DSC_0985“Although you might have been fishing for many years sometimes it’s worth taking a step back. If that means going with a guide so be it. Like many other people I booked a two-day session with Marc hoping to be set in the right direction. Sometimes you miss some of the fundamentals so heading back to the classroom, or in this case the beach at low tide, to survey the landscape was very beneficial later on with the tide coming in. If you’re fishing at night and it’s pitch black you then have a much better idea of your surroundings. This is just one example of why it’s worth going out with a professional guide. Thank you, Marc, for your time and effort; it’s much appreciated.” (D. Froy)




South Hams coastline“So I fished with Marc at the beginning of August for 8hrs on several of his marks. I only managed a wrasse, no bass. But I can say one thing, I learnt more than I could hoped and hoping to fish with Marc again with bit more silver on the beach. Marc has been great with advice on setting myself up with some new gear and fishing different technics that I would never of mastered on my own. Good luck with this Marc Tight Lines.” (S. Clarke)




Lure caught bass from Devon“I had an 8 hour session with Marc and would highly recommend him he is full of use full information and he shares it all with you and no question is too much.

I had a really good time, caught fish and learnt new things will definitely go again.” (S. Simpson)






Personal best bass“I can’t recommend Marc highly enough for whatever aspect of bass fishing you are looking to do or learn. He has a vast knowledge of the sport and is surrounded by amazing fishing marks which he knows extremely well from years of experience.

Personally I wanted to brush up skills and improve watercraft, we visited many marks and I learned loads while having a great day out and a good laugh too as Marc’s the easiest guy to get on with.

I will definitely be going back down soon and look forward to it!” (G. Rhone)



“I was gifted a days Bass fishing with Marc by my wife Gill for my Birthday, not knowing what to expect an air of excitement came over me as our agreed meeting time got closer. I was not disappointed!!!!!!!
Marc is a very personable Guy, who you know you are going to get along with as soon as you meet him. As the day progressed his wealth of knowledge of Fishing, tides and environment became apparent, constantly thinking of different lures and spinners to try as conditions changed. Safety is a major feature of the day, with Marc being ever mindful of our wellbeing.

Bass at night on luresThe day will appeal to novice or experienced Anglers alike, for the more experienced Angler, you will be amazed at what you don’t know.
My day started slowly, with the words perseverance, patience and “try this one” being used frequently, after trying several marks, my patience was rewarded, with 3 Bass landed and returned, the best around 5 pounds.
An unforgettable day, largely due to Marc’s professionalism, thoroughly recommended to any one with an interest to catch more Bass.

Thank you Marc, again.” (R. West)



“Fishing with Marc was effortless. His enthusiasm and positive outlook to fishing are second to none. From the first minute I met Marc he started feeding me with valuable information about method, location and how to change tactics to adapt and overcome.
We literally searched the marks that Marc picked until we found the fish.

Bass fishing bloggerCould be luck (but it definitely isn’t, but I have lure fished for bass maybe 100 times without Marc and the first time with him I nailed a PB and enjoyed every minute of the outing. I have learnt so much from Marc’s blog and newsfeed and everything fell into place last night. Book a session. You will not regret it!”

THANKS MARC!!! (L. Russell)




“Well what can I say about my first guided session last night? Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic…. From the first moment I meet Marc and fellow angler Phil the learning tap was well and truly on! I am an experienced sea and trout angler but the whole lure fishing for bass thing had sort of passed me by. I wanted a session or two with Marc to learn as much as I could from the basics up, and I wasn’t disappointed. The guy is a font of knowledge on lure selection, watercraft, choosing locations, tackle.. the list goes on. One of the most important parts for me was learning how to select a mark and select the right types of lures for that mark and conditions, and finally how to work the lures effectively. Some of the things I was shown were mind blowing purely on the basis that I would never have even considered using those techniques without being shown. Once Marc explained the theory behind it, it made total sense.

Devon coastI cannot even begin to describe just how good the guided session I had with Marc was, suffice to say I will be approaching my lure fishing with a totally fresh and confident outlook going forward, and will certainly be booking my next session soon!! I spend a fair chunk of money on tackle, as I’m sure a lot of us do – when it comes to lure fishing for bass this was without doubt the best money I have ever spent, just wish I’d done it sooner!!

Thanks Marc for a professional, tailored, and thoroughly enjoyable trip!! P.S sorry I lost the “Jim” lure!” (R. Allbones)



Albie Snax caught bassHad a brilliant day with Marc. He`s so knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and helpful, that any time spent in his company is an absolute pleasure.

We’ll be booking again for next year!

(M. Horne)




“I booked a four hour session with Marc for my 9yr old son’s Noah’s birthday. He’s been fascinated by bass fishing for a while but hasn’t had any success on his own. We met Marc last night and walked down to a beautiful beach with interesting rocky reefs. Marc walked us along the beach showing Noah all the places they would try and fish from during the evening, explaining where the bass would come once the tide had come in. After that, he got Noah practising his casting and use of various lures that Marc had brought to try.

Marc was endlessly patient and really hands-on but firmly making sure that Noah didn’t move on to another lure the minute he thought it wasn’t going to be successful! After the light faded we moved up to a sandy cove and finally perseverance paid off. Marc helped Noah to bring in his first bass. Noah was able to feel, for the first time, the power of this fish. It really was thrilling to be there, under the comforting presence of the Start Point lighthouse, the moonlit beach and the patient guiding of a very excited little boy.

Young anglersAfter the bass was released, they were casting out straight away, and quickly Noah got another big take. He managed to bring it almost all the way in but it wriggled off close to the beach. A few more little knocks and then we had to leave. Noah learnt so much and now has the knowledge he needs to begin his own bass fishing journey. He wasn’t remotely disappointed to only land one smaller one, on the contrary it seems to have only deepened his interest and respect for bass fishing. I feel sure that he will always remember his 9th birthday and his first bass because of Marc’s fantastic guiding. I’m sure this will be the story Noah tells his children in years to come. Thank you so much Marc and we will definitely come out with you again.” (E. Dallaway)



Bass from Start PointWhat a fantastic day! Great conditions, plenty of fish and excellent guiding! Thank you very much for all your help and advice. I had a wonderful day” (D. Wilson)






Night time for bass lure fishing“Hi Marc, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your guiding last Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed both day and night sessions and learned a great deal too. I really wish you all the very best in your new venture.

I am sure with your knowledge, enthusiasm and skills you will do very well! I, for one, look forward to another meet up some time in 2018. Many thanks Marc for a memorable day.” (R. Slatford)



Bass in the sunshine from Devon“We had a quality time with a great host in two beautiful locations. We will be back for  more next time!” Marc, really enjoyed the fishing on Monday/Tuesday – looking forward to the next trip! (N + R Widdoson)






Night lure fishing“I’m still buzzing about the two days you took me out! Thank you Marc! I reckon I’ll be back!”

(P. Thompson)












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