“I was recently lucky enough to join marc @southdevonbassguide for a 3 day package, to say I went into the trip with little knowledge of the species would be a massive understatement!
I caught my first bass early on the first morning and ended the first day with 6 bass to my name with the biggest going 70cm which for me was a fish I had dreamed of.
We all caught fish on each day with around 30 bass between us. This was all thanks to the extensive knowledge of the coastline, species, techniques and tides that our guide shared to us. Years and years of learning passed on to us in only a few days.
The accommodation is also Fantastic, very comfortable, tasty breakfast and a great location.
Thank you Marc, can’t wait for the next one.”
Big bass on Savage Gear Gravity Stick T. Stamp
“I live next to the surfy north coast beaches of Cornwall (think lure box full of seekers), I really wanted to expand my skills, so read Marc’s book & caught a PB, immediately contacted him about guiding with the challenge of catching me fish on the types of marks I wouldn’t normally fish, using lure types I wouldn’t even consider normally.
What can I say, he put me in great company, on great marks, with the right advice and guidance on what to use, where and how to use it. Before I did, I’d deny you can catch in the conditions and locations we did. And snuck out my best this season too!
You won’t be disappointed, Marc’s guidance is top notch, he is understanding, patient and the BnB is a lovely place to rest a head and fill up on breakfast. The complete package, just as advertised! – I’ll be back at least once a year from now on.”
Bass lure Savage Gear minnow B. Harris
“I’ve had the good fortune of being on 4 1-day packages and a separate 3-day package with Marc. Having recently picked fishing back up from a long absence, the main objective was to learn from the packages to take back to the patch I fish and increase both quality and quantity of catches, this has happened in abundance due to the skills, knowledge and approaches learnt from the sessions with Marc!!
On the 3-day package we fished multiple venues, different conditions lure types and approaches and the success we (the 3 anglers) had was phenomenal!! Average sizes were fantastic and I, truly had an amazing moment catching a 68cm (7lb) bass using a surface popper which I recite back in my head all the time just how amazing this catch was, this was a first using this method and 2 other firsts’, catching a good size bass on soft plastics during the day and then at night time both around the 2.5-3lb size, all of this was such an eye opener on the different approaches and gets you thinking of venues you can use on home ground!
Marc’s enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, experience, attention to detail, attentiveness, and ability to change or keep things the same with fine tweaks is exemplary, topped off with be an all-round great guy, you will love every minute and can highly recommend any of his packages, but certainly the 3-day package was the stand-out, my experience was truly amazing and also met some great other anglers, with plans to of booking on another 3-day package together.”
Bass caught on poppers D. Reynolds
“A three-day package which encompassed so much. Estuaries, rocks, beaches, daytime, nighttime…
A great Hotel/B&B in Chillington House (why would you stay anywhere else?)
Encyclopaedic knowledge about these fish… where, why, how… as a fishing guide myself I can probably appreciate Marc’s skills and knowledge more than most…
Recommended? You bet!”
Big bass on lures in estuaries J. Tyzack
“For anyone hooked on bass lure fishing, especially if you’ve much to learn like me, a guided session with Marc is a fantastic experience and something it’s my pleasure to recommend. Marc’s passion, experience and extensive knowledge will help you raise your game to the next level. On a recent one-day package, a friend and I asked for help with our surface lure technique and ended the session enlightened.
Marc’s got a breathtaking venue up his sleeve for all conditions and physical abilities. We fished an estuary into darkness using soft plastics- all new experiences to me. Marc’s unshakable optimism and enthusiasm kept us fishing with total belief in the process throughout the session, right up to the last minute. At the eleventh hour, thanks to Marc’s advice, I landed an amazing PB bass. Still buzzing now, 2 days later!
Marc will certainly help you improve your fishing and set you thinking about all the new possibilities to find and fish your local marks. I’m already looking forward to the next session in 2022!”

bass caught from creeks at night R. Hillman

“While on a short break with my wife in North Devon it was with trepidation that I made the two hour drive to the South Devon coast.

But on meeting Mark I soon realised any nerves were unfounded as he put me immediately at ease & after a quick root through my tackle to decide what to take we were off to a more secluded car park. While chatting & walking to our first mark it soon became apparent how well Marc knows this coastline. It was a Bank Holiday weekend but he somehow managed to avoid everybody, seeing less than 6 people all session, a major task in South Devon at any time of the year.

Arriving at our low water mark of a muddy estuary Marc was soon in guiding mode passing on little tips & hints that really do make all the difference. As he expressed many times it’s the smallest details with positioning, casting, retrieving that do make all the difference when hunting such a wild creature. After one lost fish & many swirls to the Patchinko Marc decided it was time to move to another mark. & what a mark it was. The most amazing & remote rock mark that I am still amazed he ever found.

After a couple of hours & a few small Bass the final minutes of daylight faded & it was time to put on the white paddle tail. I have never really been a fan of fishing in the dark, & had never caught on a paddle tail, but learning about the soft plastic & it’s retrieve all added to the excitement as it was slowly retrieved through the darkness, feeling each vibration & waiting for the thump of a decent Bass. & as darkness fully hit, just as Marc predicted, there was a good solid thump & a decent Bass approaching 4lb was soon skilfully netted.

Shortly after as I prepared for the long drive back I could only conclude that I had enjoyed a fantastic day, in the most beautiful surroundings with a Top Class Bass guide & a great fishing companion.

Anybody who thinks they know about Bass fishing really should spend some time with Marc to see how much more there is to learn from a man who has studied these fish & really understands their movements & behaviours.”

Bass from specific zones on lures D. Horton

“My brother and I have been on two of Marc’s 3 Day Packages and have four booked for the upcoming year and next. They are that good! First up, South Devon is just beautiful. The countryside, coastline, and estuarine marks Marc takes you are simply breath taking, and to spend time fishing them is simply sublime. Secondly, Marc is an absolutely top bloke, and to this day I still find myself laughing and smiling at some of the experiences and antics we’ve encountered under his tutelage. Thirdly, Marc really wants his clients to catch bass and will exercise everything within his hard-earned knowledge to make that happen. By way of an example, whilst fishing a reef in darkness, Marc strolled over and quietly said “slow it down a bit R…..” Bang. Fish on, before he finished saying Rich!

Lastly, I had the honour of witnessing my brother catch a 72cm beast last year, and the unbridled joy on his face will live with me forever, as will the unbridled joy on Marc’s face, having seen his meticulous research, planning and guiding come to fruition.

First class all round! Thank you Marc!”

Double figure bass on lures R & S Wendland

“If you are looking to learn from an experienced and professional guide whether you are a novice or a seasoned lure angler then I cannot recommend Marc highly enough.

I joined Marc for a three day package in June 2021. Marc’s preparation, attention to detail and professional manner were evident from the start. He was able to confidently and effectively communicate to all three anglers what we needed to do to present the lures in the best way possible in order to stack the odds in our favour. I wanted to hone a couple of techniques including fishing needles at night, something I’d done a fair bit of but felt I wasn’t being as effective as I could be. He explained just what I needed to do and after a couple of tweaks to my style I connected with fish.

Overall it was a fun and engaging experience and even when times were tough (these fish don’t just give themselves up!) Marc’s enthusiasm and words of encouragement kept us going. I’ve taken away a few nuggets of information which I have no doubt will make me a better angler. I will definitely be back soon. Also the breakfasts at the B and B were epic!!” 

Bass at night on Needlefish J. Lascelles
“Guided session at the end of may with Marc!
Right from the point we met him near the carpark I knew he was dedicated and loved what he did! And it showed right up until midnight when the session ended. Only carrying a net and a bag. In true guiding fashion he didn’t fish as he was there to guide us not catch himself. Very knowledgeable man and everything he said about watercraft and lures all made sense.
Sometimes they were different to what I’d been told previously, but the proof was in the pudding and the years of experience showed in what he did and what he said. Definitely opened my eyes to another style of bass fishing and gave me more confidence to fish at night. And I’ll definitely be grabbing myself a needlefish! Thanks again marc!”
Bass at night on needlfish lures C. Atkins
“Just returned home from a three day Bass fishing package with Marc. I knew that this would the perfect opportunity for me to learn and gain some experience in catching these shy yet fierce predictors.
I knew about Marc’s passion and vast knowledge on Bass fishing after reading both of his books.
Each day we would set off to our location Marc explained and talked us through how to fish the particular mark, which lure works best and how to work the lure to get the results! And it paid dividends 🎣. I now have the knowledge and experience that will prove invaluable in the future.”
Estuary bass on lures A . Froud

“Myself and 2 friends had the pleasure of being guided by Marc the start of December. It was a great experience where we managed to catch some good fish and learn a lot of new tricks and techniques. I would highly recommend Marc and his books.”

winter-lure-caught-bass R. White

“So I was lucky enough to spend an full day session with Marc recently.

My bass fishing experience is relatively limited so it was great to delve into Marc’s vast and unending experience and knowledge to enhance my own technique and skills. We went over some totally new types of water to me and a brand new lure which I’ve never had confidence in and turned it into fish landed.  Also managed to tidy up my surface lure fishing and got the lure working properly, which again resulted in bites and fish landed.
If you love bass fishing and want to take it to the next level or brush up your skills, a #southdevonbassguide session is absolutely recommended.”
Bass on lures in bright sunshine and very shallow water S. Poynton
“Regardless of bass lure fishing experience, I would highly recommend that ANY bass angler takes the opportunity to complete a guided session with Marc. He is a highly motivated and incredibly passionate bass angler (and also a really great guy) and does everything within his power to get you on the bass.
He has without doubt forgotten more about bass fishing than most anglers know!
In the three sessions I have completed with Marc we have fished a multitude of venue types and utilised a number of techniques. All of the advice that Marc has given me during these sessions I have been able to put into practice in my own fishing, and this has without doubt resulted in more fish! Can’t recommend enough”
Night time bass on lures J. Liam

“I didn’t have any great expectations for my trip in early October, and after two difficult days with no action I was getting nervous about returning home without a fish. Marc knew where the fish were, and on the final day we headed off to an area, which he was sure would give us the chance of a bigger fish. I ended catching three fish on the final day, including a real monster of 72cm, with an estimated weight of around 9lb. I could never have caught this fish without the expert local knowledge that Marc has, and his unrivalled watercraft. Thanks again for a great trip, I have already booked for next year!”

Massive lure caught bass with Marc Cowling guide  R. Norris

“I first contacted Marc in 2018 in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of fishing for bass in the UK. Up until then I had attempted lure fishing with no idea on where to fish, what lure to use in specific conditions, how to work the lure and when to fish with wind, tide and time of day being a complete mystery to me!!

Marc is the complete bass angler. He is a fantastic teacher. Selection on how to work lures, when to use them and which direction to fish them at various states of the tide.I have learnt so much and have had the pleasure of Marc’s company on both 1:1, his 3 day packages and with my son. On every occasion I have learnt so much and continue to do so whenever in his company.

New techniques learned, being able to spot likely marks and when to fish have made me a much better angler and a much more successful one too! I now have a fighting chance of catching bass when fishing alone and have landed some big fish. When accompanied by Marc he has always put me on fish and now I have the confidence and knowledge to do so alone.

The book he has written “The lure of the Bass” goes along way in explaining the art of bass fishing but nothing beats doing so in his company. A great angler, a patient coach and a thoroughly good bloke to boot!”

Big estuary bass on lures  P. Davie

“If you are new to lure fishing I seriously think you should consider a day with Marc. His easy going approach and tuition methods quickly put you at ease and his enthusiasm for these fantastic fish oozes out in abundance. Apart from the prize of putting us in the feeding zone and amongst the fish, I personally got so much out of the day ranging from top water tactics to using balanced gear and advice on everything I asked him, an absolute fountain of information on which he never held back on anything. Thanks very much Marc hope to see you next year on one of your 3 day packages!”

Estuary lure caught bass  M. Smoldon

“Can I suggest that anyone who either fishes for Bass regularly or like me was fairly new to the whole experience, takes a day or evening out with Marc. What he doesn’t know about these wonderful fish and where to find them on the beautiful south Devon coast isn’t worth knowing quite frankly. Call it beginners luck but I was luck enough to catch a beautiful bass (a shade over 5lbs) a few weeks ago under Marc’s expert guidance that was a real heart stopping experience indeed. Followed up with another belter of a fish only an hour later. Thank you to my fishing buddy Mike Young for inviting me and to Marc for such a great time and see you very soon!”

Guided bass lure fishing UK  T. Hill

“Had a single day with Marc, specifically asked to fish estuaries as this is all that is what I fish usually.

Marc firstly showed me the ideal set up, braid, leader, knots etc. Started off with soft plastics and the way to retrieve to make them ‘work’, then moved on to surface lures had several takes but no fish, marc changed the lure and had a fish very quickly and explained why. Then moved on to popping lures, again had a fish. Action slowed so we moved spots a few times to try to find some fish, eventually finding some. After a few takes and a lost fish I had a further fish at the shore.

Overall learnt so much, I would highly recommend!”

Bass catches on lures  A. Ray

“Had a brilliant experience with Marc 01 Aug 2020. Testing wind conditions as always at the minute, but Marc found a mark with protection from the wind and also found the fish! 6 bass each for me and my mate, biggest at around 3lb.

We are seasoned lure anglers but still learned loads during the session. My casting distance has improved from a minor adjustment and my mate can now work a ‘patch’ as well as anyone! Our improved skills will be put to good use on our home patch the Gower. Would highly recommend. Will be back again! Thanks Marc.”

bass-on-white-dolive-stick-in-darkness  L. Tucker

“As someone who has done coarse and sea fishing for over 40 years, I am a relative newcomer to lure fishing and last year I contacted Marc to purchase a copy of his book “The Lure of the Bass”. Having read this book intently, I just knew that I had to meet Marc and get more knowledge on the subject matter. Fortunately, my wife booked up an 8-hour guiding session with Marc as a birthday surprise. Having just come back from a fantastic day being guided by Marc and landing 4 bass, with the best measuring 47cm, I would strongly advise anyone who seriously wants to improve their lure fishing to book a session with him.

He has fantastic knowledge across all aspects of the art and is a great mentor. I learned so much on the day and can now confidently fish with surface lures and soft plastic lures such as the OSP Do Live Stick. In addition, Marc is a great guy and is really good company. I’m looking forward to booking up again for next year already.”

Bass caught on lres in bright conditions  T. Ewin

“Saturday 18’th July I had the huge pleasure of having a guided day with Marc. In the few days run up to it I was kept up to date with how the weather & tides were looking and where we might be looking to go. The day was everything I had I hoped it would be & much more! From the very start Marc was on it with helping me with my casting, working the lure (I’m a bit of a novice) and all done in a great way that made you feel at ease & positive that you are going to catch that fish on the next cast!

He has this amazing positivity & genuine excitement that passes off on to you & considering he does this for a living and sees fish caught he couldn’t be more pleased when it all comes into place. Marc put me onto a few nice fish and always gentle tuition in little comments here & there to help. For beginners to experienced lure fishermen I would highly recommend booking. I have come away feeling positive about when the conditions are right I will catch! Thanks again Marc for a fantastic day.”

Guided lure fishing for bass Marc Cowling  S. Kellet

“I just want to say what a great experience it was going out with Mark this week. My session exceeded all expectations, The aim was to come away with better water craft and lure knowledge, this was not only met but was topped off with 4 fish in the early hours of the morning. In my line of work I meet people from all walks of life, I can’t praise Marc enough, what a top bloke! He made me work hard to achieve my goal.”

Bass on Albie Snax darkness  S. Hannam

“I have just finished a 3 day guided trip with Marc and I can honestly say it’s been the best 3 days! My ultimate goal was to learn how to use needle fish correctly and effectively, So he showed me what to do and I caught Bass on the first night! Marc is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I will be returning and at least once a year!”

Good sized bass on lures in the dark  A. Littlejohn

“I’d fished for most of my life but only for bass in the last 18 months. I booked with Marc and went out late August 2020 wanting to learn as much as possible ! Well what can I say , it was awesome and I’m still buzzing about it two months later!

Marc was great from the off talking about my rod reel and tackle at the car and on the walk down to the mark. We fished an estuary due to the bad weather and we started on a series of bends. Lures chosen and off we went Marc advising me on everything from water craft to casting, retrieve to lure action, it was fantastic!

His enthusiasm is catching and when we quickly started catching the confidence flowed. Marc’s attention to detail is amazing and you can soon see why he’s so very good at his job! When you know what are doing and how you are fishing is right for the mark it makes so much difference!

I caught 16 bass in total , in three different spots including two in the dark on a new technique using a white senko type lure!! The intense feeling when waiting for that “hit” in the dark was just brilliant! I’ve learnt skills that I will always use and have done successfully since my day out. I can’t recommend Marc highly enough and anyone considering spending time with him will not be disappointed!

Marc, I had a fantastic time and am really looking forward to coming out again next year ! Thanks for a great day!”

Bass on lures in shallow water D. Major

“I always look forward to my annual bass fishing trip down to Devon with Marc . Not only is he a great guide but also a thoroughly decent bloke, he is always pleased to see you and excited to take you out to the many marks that he’s got on his doorstep. The coastline is stunning and there is always somewhere to fish regardless of weather conditions . Once the fishing starts Marc is on hand to offer guidance for all levels of ability, he’s easy going and the banter is great.

The fishing isn’t always easy, but when the stars align and you catch a PB he is genuinely as excited as you are, and it’s great to share the moment with someone that appreciates what it’s all about. I can’t recommend South Devon Bass Guide highly enough and I am already looking forward to my next trip with him!”

bass-lure-fishing-guide-from-devon  I. Morgan

“I have now been out with Marc two years running and have managed to pick times that were challenging both times! In the first instance early season and cold water and in the second a lean spell, confirmed by many bass anglers I met, which was probably due to the bass following the baitfish out to sea for a while. Nevertheless both times Marc used his extensive ‘ninja’ watercraft skills to winkle out some fish for me – including my first bass after a lot of blanks in the past – this was caught on a lure that I would never have thought of using. As well as greatly helping with technique and watercraft Marc will also take you to some truly magical marks that will live in my memory for a long time. As an added bonus Marc is a very nice chap and we had a lot of fun fishing together. I will be back for a third year running next year for sure – looking forward to it already.”

Bass caught on a jig  C.Mitchell

“If you’re thinking about booking a session of whatever length with Marc- DO IT NOW! Two of us, both new to this type of fishing, recently returned from a three-day package. The deal includes accommodation at Chillington House B and B (superb in its own right) which was a great base. Jeannie and Adam made us feel relaxed and welcome despite the inevitable COVID precautions. Marc had already been very helpful with regards to kit recommendations, and updated us on likely weather/session timings a day or so before we arrived. 

As soon as we met up in the car park, it was obvious that Marc was going to be an attentive and informative guide. In these times it’s best to describe his enthusiasm for his craft as ‘boundless’ rather than infectious, though both could equally apply. The South Hams offers an extraordinary range of possible marks on the dramatic coastline and estuary to cope with every possible combination of tide and weather, important as it was late October.

Marc couldn’t have been more helpful, whether explaining and demonstrating how to use each lure, helping to land and unhook the fish, or joining in the banter as we trudged to the different marks (be prepared for some significant treks and steep slopes!). Eternally positive, Marc is an absolutely top bloke and he took maximum pleasure when we were rewarded for our efforts. The bass proved elusive at times (we blamed the seals that followed us on day 2), which made landing my first bass on a surface lure even more special. It’s not all about the fish, though. There’s something very magical that on the same day you can be fishing off the rocks in sunshine, and later be standing in a flooding estuary, the moon and stars reflected in the water and owls hooting around you. We’ve both come away having learnt loads and having had a lot of fun, inspired to develop our bass fishing further. We’ll definitely be booking another trip with Marc next year!”

DSC02846  N.Bray

“Marc Cowling is a fantastic fishing guide… I have fished under Marc’s guidance a few times now and this really is a fantastic fishing experience. It’s not just guiding to fish here or there in a beautiful part of the world…  But if required there is coaching on kit tuning, casting, lure selection, water craft and presentation… importantly Marc will give you confidence and inspiration if things are not going to plan and he will work hard to find and connect to fish. I am looking forward to more sessions in 2021.”

How to catch bass on lures at night  O. Foot

“The moment you meet and shake hands with Marc there is an evident warmth and enthusiasm. Without wasting any time we were on our way to the chosen mark and then to start fishing. We had communicated before with regards to my aspirations from the day, especially the type of lures I wanted to gain experience of and most suitable location/situation to fish them.

The location chosen was perfect. In fact a type of mark I had never fished for bass before. Marc provided a clear demonstration of how to use the first lure, a top water lure. With further guidance this very soon improved my own technique and no time later landed a superb bass. Marc gives his full attention to all aspects of your fishing, helping to fine tune everything you do. Particularly useful was his interpretation of water movement and where the bass may hold up.

Marc suggested another lure type, how to use it and where. This resulted in my PB lure caught bass! Later I had an opportunity to experience fishing in the dark with a senko. In my session with Marc I had experienced fishing a new type of location, different lures and caught a PB bass. How good is that!

Thanks Marc for a fantastic day not just enjoying the fishing but meeting and chatting with you. Already booked again for May.

Lure fishing for bass in the UK M. Goude

“As a novice lure angler I couldn’t recommend enough, a trip out with Marc. After a year of hitting blanks on my own he guided me on to a 3lb bass in under an hour. He showed me the correct use of the different lures and cleared up where I had been going wrong in the past.
100% I have come away from the tour a better lure fisherman with a new found confidence for the sport.”

Bass on lures bright sunshine J. Munns

“The guided session I had with Marc was fantastic. He was friendly, informative and never stopped trying to help me from start to finish. The knowledge he shared meant I came away from this session with a new perspective on how to approach my bass fishing. Marc put me on multiple fish using different methods in daylight and night. The highlight for me was learning how to use needlefish lures effectively in darkness resulting in a lovely fish to end the session. Really can’t wait for another session with mark in the future!”

Sport fishing holidays and experiences UK J. Bunker

“I met Marc for an 8 hour bass guiding session. I am a complete novice and can only admit to a bit of mackerel fishing. As I live near the coast I was keen to try my hand at bass fishing. I had no idea!!! Looked at forums and websites but just became more confused I decided to do a google search on bass guides as I certainly needed some expert tuition.

Marc is a great guy, friendly approachable and of course very knowledgeable, an expert in his field. He answers all questions that are understandable and makes certain you get a solid days fishing experience. We went to two stunning locations and the scenery and views were spectacular. We ended the day with me catching seven bass of which the biggest was about 5 pounds 60 centimetres in length. What a fight this fish was i was exhilarated. So what did I learn on the day?

Practical tips and guidance on equipment, weather, location, tides and wind. All this i had no idea of but its all important stuff! If I can do it honestly anyone can.
Marc, I want to thank you for such a great experience. The perfect day with the perfect guide! I will be looking to book myself in you again.
Thank you so very much.”

Bass caught on a Whiplash Factory Spittin Wire D. Venning

“Marc’s water craft is just insane. I learned so much and am so excited to get out again on my own and put all of these little tweaks and approaches into practice. I was buzzing when we finished, it was an awesome day out and a brilliant experience.

I have no point of reference as regards Guides, but Marc is a genuine, decent and really likeable chap. Offering advice and correction in a really gentle way. If you’re thinking about a guided session, I recommend him unconditionally.”

Bass caught on a Patchinko 100 J. Ratcliffe

“Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your three day bass fishing package. You certainly make your clients feel special and your desire to ensure we achieve our goals is very evident.

Your dedication and enthusiasm for Bass fishing is infectious and I certainly learned a lot from you to supplement what you taught me on my eight hour fishing session which will hopefully hold me in good stead for the future.”

big bass at night on lures N. Cowper

“Thanks for an amazing day yesterday. I learnt so much and the bass was an added bonus. Your guiding is excellent and the very fact that you didn’t fish, but kept close with a watchful eye was reassuring. I will definitely change my braid colour. My casting technique has definitely improved and is something I will continue to work on. Talking to you about the choice of lure certainly helped. All in all money well spent and I would highly recommend any angler to use you as their guide. EXCELLENT JOB WELL DONE!!!!!”

Bass on hard lures D. Unwin

“I recently completed a very informative and successful day with Marc in early May.
The day was spilt into two 4 hour sessions to experience different fishing conditions, particularly night fishing which was completely new.
Marc’s knowledge, professionalism, guidance and enthusiasm were tremendous.
He is also very patient!
A great deal was learnt about technique, tackle and environment resulting in a very productive night session with 11 bass caught on a lure that Marc designed himself.
I can’t recommend the experience highly enough.”

Bass at dusk sinking jig S. Lamb

“Marc took me out for my birthday and we had a right lovely time. My wife was ok with this as she’d actually paid, paid that is for some level ten Bass Ninja guiding by the now integral to the UK Bass scene, the soon to be anointed ‘Sir Marc Cowling of the Bass’. have to say that Marc didn’t disappoint and off loaded his insight and knowledge easily and without prejudice of personal technique! Ok, it wasn’t easy on the day but we were rewarded with a handsome Bass in the dead of night with the owls hooting in the trees and bioluminescence swirling round my legs, Magical! Would I do it again – HECK YEAHHH!! I salute you, Sir Marc of the Bass – thanks for memories!”

Bass on senkos at night T. Jones

“Many thanks for the wonderful guidance and great friendship you gave me on my June holiday . I had been dreaming and planning about fishing for bass with you for 9 months. Wow ! What wonderful memories you have created for me to treasure for ever , the beautiful South Hams , your great company and a PB bass . You really are the best mate!”

bass on lures in darkness under a full moon P. Mudie

“As someone who had tried unsuccessfully on a number of occasions to catch bass I’d strongly recommend Marc. His knowledge of the bass marks, the right lures and times to fish made the difference helping me catch my first bass from the south Devon coast. In the six weeks since that first guided trip, I’ve managed to catch 55 bass with many over 2lb in weight using Marc’s tips”.

Early season bass on needlefish A. Cross

“I recently spent 2 days with Marc Cowling as my guide, his knowledge & attention to detail is very impressive, as you would know if you have his book, if not I highly recommend it. His enthusiasm & friendly nature are infectious & he works very hard to put you on the fish. Highly recommended.”

Bass caught on needlefish G. Smallman

“Only one word to describe my Bass lure trip
“ AMAZING “ if you like fishing as much as I do then this is the adventure for you. Expertly guided throughout, locations of outstanding beauty and the all elusive Bass in your net. I’m totally lured.”

Bass on black senko B. Glew

“Had a recent trip with Marc. I booked an 8 hour session with him and mentioned I’m a beginner in Lure fishing, but 35 years experience in other types of Angling.
Marc was very professional and extremely patient also very easy to get on with, felt as if I’ve known him for a long time.

We went to a beach/rock mark first in strong winds and managed a couple of close hits with surface lures. Then for the evening we drove a short distance to another Beach mark, that we fished into dark. Just before dark I had a large Bass follow to the rod tip and it jumped out of the water and just missed my Senko. I obviously had the shakes then!

Just into dark had my first Bass of around 5lb which completely blew me away. Then I was a jibbering mess! Then not too long after a 4.5lb Bass just to confirm I wasn’t dreaming. I decided to leave on a high. Left for my long journey home through the early hours of the morning on cloud 9!

Marc is an outstanding Guide and all in all a great guy. Had one of my best fishing trips ever and we had such a laugh also, which is what fishing is all about.
In 8 hours I learnt such a huge amount! I will be booking more and more trips up for sure! Marc thankyou mate, see you again soon!”

Bass on lures UK A. McCarthy

“I was part of Marc’s first 3 day package of the year, in May. The conditions were far from perfect for most of the 3 days but Marc worked around it and found us some fish. He also made sure we all tried new techniques and fished area that were perhaps out of our comfort zone before. I learned a huge amount and highly recommend Marc. I also landed a bass that matched or possibly beat my Personal Best so happy days!”

South Devon bass fishing D. Bromage

“Thanks Marc, thanks for all your help & instruction during the trip, I cant wait to get out & give the soft plastics another go! All the best to you & thanks again for a very memorable trip that hopefully I can repeat at some time.”

big bass devon on lures K. Winterburn

“We booked two four hour sessions with Marc in the hope of both catching our first ever Bass. Mission accomplished! We had 19 Bass over the two sessions, Marc put us right on the fish and was fantastic at helping out during the session and taking some great photos and videos. We will definitely be heading out with Marc again!”

Bass on surface lures J. Plowright

“I have been lucky enough to fish with some great bass fisherman, Marc is definitely up there. Having spent six days with him in total, I’ve had a great insight into his passion and knowledge, always trying to put you onto the fish, but equally skilful at teaching you new techniques or refine your skills.

As someone with arthritic knees and not great with heights Marc has always been thoughtful of this, but also encouraging for you to go the extra mile to give you the best chance of a prize bass. Highly recommended!”

UK Bass guide M. Brazendale

“A few weeks ago I went down to South Devon for an intensive 3 days fishing session with Marc. I am a passionate angler since childhood but relatively new to lure fishing for bass. My objectives were to sharpen skills, understand better the fishing environment (and how to adapt to it) and, above all, to have a good time away from the stress of the city.

Marc was amazing in delivering on all of that, with his expert guiding and friendly approach. I learned a lot and enjoyed every bit of it. Marc knows the area so well that you can be sure if there is a bass around he’ll definitely put your lure onto its mouth. Expect to immerse yourself in a amazing wild landscape where you can listen to the elements of nature, observe wildlife and fish over a really wonderful stretch of coast.

Thank you Marc for doing your work with such professionalism and for your contagious enthusiasm for the art of fishing…look forward to seeing you next spring to go together after some Devon beast…”

open coast bass A. Devisdomini

“I’ve just come back from my first fishing trip with Marc and he was fantastic! He was by our side the whole time, he didn’t fish, his sole aim was to put us onto them. Always willing to teach, impart wisdom and share ideas, fishing with Marc isn’t just about chucking lures out aimlessly, he really gets you thinking about what you’re doing and more importantly what the fish are doing. We had 5 bass between us and will absolutely be returning for another trip in 2019.”

Bass in bright sunshine  J. Boswell

“In early August this year I had a half day with Marc Cowling… South Devon Bass Guide. I have been a Salmon and Seatrout fisherman for some 20+ years. Fished for Bass with a fly and then migrated to lure fishing. Caught some fish up to 9lbs when I hit it right.

The session with Marc was fished on one of his local rocky marks, a lovely summers evening. Bit of a swell but the water was clear as a bell. We went through a variety of lures, settling on one of my favourites a Seaspin Pro 120. Casting as directed by Marc around some serious big rocks I had a schoolie to start with and then a bit later a very feisty 55cm fish.

I’m not in the game of making this a long and detailed report….but, what is certain, my catch rate following my evening with Marc increased significantly, his fine tuning and tweaking certainly paid off for me. Thank you Marc”

Surface lures and bass  T. Smith

“Went on an 8 hour guided session with Marc recently. Marc worked hard to find us some great conditions on a relatively calm day, even changing the mark to find exactly what he was looking for (and this was communicated perfectly). The day was split into 2 parts to take in the best tides and show us what we were hoping to learn. In the first part Marc took us to a great set of marks, which we moved through during the session as the tide ebbed. Each new spot looked so promising but unfortunately delivered no fish. Besides that Marc did a great job of explaining why we were fishing certain spots, and I felt I learnt lots.

For the second part we changed location to fish into darkness. This is where Marc’s attention to detail became very clear, positioning me in the exact spot I needed to be in, and explaining why that spot was so important. Sure enough midway through the session a huge bass grabbed my lure and took off, landed safely it has totally smashed my PB.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, I would certainly recommend Marc’s services even if like myself you consider yourself a decent fisherman already. I think Marc’s methods could improve most people’s fishing skills!”

Big Devon bass at night  S. Hillyard

“I’ve been a Fly angler for many years but wanted to catch Bass on the Lure. Marc was my guide for 8 hours (day/night). I was asked what equipment I needed and this was provided. He wanted to know in detail what I wanted from the experience and the session was tailored and delivered in a very professional, enthusiastic and friendly way. His knowledge of this predator, the shoreline and its use in identifying Bass marks is second to none.

The session covered the lures/retrieval and identifying the right lure for the conditions, what to look for on the ground to find a right mark. Booking the session was easy and hassle free, thanks to his website. Communication throughout the process was excellent. Thanks Marc for a fantastic experience. I learnt so much from this session and I haven’t stopped casting the lure since!”

Fishing guide UK  S. Jezard

“Just to say many thanks for an excellent trip yesterday. I have been bitten by the surface lure bug, so much so that I had to go out today. Bought a new surface plug (could only get a savage gear version) but taking your advice chose a light grey natural colour. I  then headed to out to a similar mark on an ebbing tide, cast uptide as you said and wallop in on second cast, larger than yesterday but still not huge.

If I hadn’t been out with you yesterday would never have gone today, I now truly believe in lure angling thanks to you and now have a great new method to explore. I wish you success with your guiding business and cannot recommend you highly enough!”

Fishing an estuary  L. Rivers

“As a returning client I was really looking forward to getting back out fishing with Marc. I originally did an 8-hour session with him in 2017 to introduce me to using lures to catch bass, something I’ve always wanted to get into and I learned a huge amount in that one day.

My plan for returning and opting for a three day package was twofold, firstly to learn more about different types of marks and which lures to select on the day, and secondly and just as important was to catch fish, and I’m pleased to say I achieved my aim on both counts as well as having the pleasure of fishing with two other great guys and watching them catch bass too!

As I hoped, we fished a completely different mark on each four-hour session allowing me to see bass caught using different lures and different methods. I had a great three days, great company, great fishing and loads of knowledge gained which has since resulted in me landing some beautiful fish thanks to new skills learned.
Thanks Marc.”

4lb bass white needlefish  N. Johnson

“As I met up with Marc for my second session my expectations were high after the previous days excitement. I started with surface lures then sub surface but no joy. As the light started to fade Marc suggested this was the time for the surface lures again, good call Marc, second cast I saw the fish breech as it hit the lure, and another four followed before the light forced us to leave.

Marc took me to another spot and as the twilight turned to darkness another fish hit the lure, followed by another two. Then a time of quiet and stillness as the wind dropped and the clouds parted to reveal the glorious heavens above, stars, shooting stars all making a time of fishing that much better. Then out of the blue like last night Bad Boy Two arrived, what a take!!! The rod bent and the reel sang its song that it was giving line to a big fish, I called to Marc who came running (he was answering a call of nature!) and I gained some line before the reel sang it’s song again ‘I’m giving line’, by this time Marc was on station and his torch illuminated a big fish, under Marc’s guidance I steered the fish between two reefs along a sandy gully, ‘that’s easy 5lb’ Marc said.

And this is where the script didn’t run to plan, Marc was in the gully and grabbed the leader…the fish then shook the hooks….Marc attempted to grab the fish but it was already on its way back out to sea…this Bad Boy wasn’t hanging around for an encore. We were both gutted Marc more so than I. For me I had fought the fish and seen it, it was on the beach if only for a short time so I’m happy to say that’s fish number nine in a 5 ½ hour session and a total of 15 fish over 16 hrs fishing.

It’s only my second time lure fishing and the investment in booking Marc was well worth it. It would take me ages to learn what Marc has taught me over two days. Top guy who oozes passion when it comes to lure fishing for Bass. My two days with Marc have been truly awesome in every way. This event is etched in my memory for ever – thanks Marc, I’ll definitely be back again. If your thinking of booking Marc he does some great packages, accommodation at Chillington House B&B is first class.”

Bass fishing guide in england  A. Newbury

“I have been an angler for over half a century and have been fishing for freshwater coarse and game fish all over the U.K. As I get older, the challenge for me now is not about catching large numbers of fish or even necessarily large fish. It is now about catching totally wild fish in a beautiful setting. With this in mind, I booked a three-day guided session with Marc Cowling which allowed me to target a fish that meets the criterion of a totally wild predator in the waters of the Devon coastline.

Having never fished for any sea-fish before, I was obviously a total novice regarding the techniques required to land a bass. Marc swiftly had all three of us clients using the techniques required to outwit and successfully land our quarry. This included me landing my first ever bass which is an experience I will always treasure.

Marc is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, which of course rubs off on his clients. He provided me with the skills I needed to continue my new-found passion for bass fishing, which has since resulted in some personal success using the techniques he taught me. If you fancy learning how to use successful lure fishing methods for totally wild and beautiful fish with some stunning coastal scenery as a back-drop, I would strongly recommend booking a guided session with Marc. Personally, I can’t wait to go back. Very highly recommended!”

Bass at night in coloured water  A. McLachlan

“I booked an autumn session with Marc to try to learn more details about lure fishing for bass than my intermittent efforts had allowed; basically I wanted to pick an experienced anglers brains and, luxuriously, be told where, when and how to fish to be in with the best chance of getting a fish! (In an odd way it is very relaxing not to be the one deciding where, when and how to fish…)

It was very much worth it; Marc is good company, a fine host who looked after me well throughout the session, and very knowledgeable. I learnt lots through the session, using techniques that while not new to me were not the way I would have chosen to approach the conditions and venues. Now just a matter of applying such knowledge when I get a chance to get out. And fish were caught too!”

Lure fishing for bass  A. Hesketh

“Marc took me and my friend out for a 8 hour session. The session was split into 2 so that we could fish in perfect conditions. All day Marc gave us confidence that we were going to find the fish and catch them. And he didn’t disappoint! Marc even managed to find my mate his P.B! Great guy, honest, very knowledgeable and an absolute bass God! Not only is Marc truly knowledgeable in his craft but a thoroughly great person to share the experience with.”

First ever bass on a needlefish J. Porter

“Forget becoming a You-Tube ‘expert’ and spending hours wasting your holiday with ‘here-say’ and google jargon, call Marc. He will happily share his watercraft skills and guide you in the most efficient way to catch a Bass. Don’t be mistaken into thinking you can learn it all in one session though. Marc’s dedication, commitment and pleasure that comes from catching this amazing species has taken decades to accomplish and I applaud his success. Grab some time with him and experience what he has to offer, you won’t regret it!”

Where to catch bass  T. Lawrence

“We spent an excellent evening with Marc. I caught my first night time lure bass and it felt epic! The whole session was obviously well planned and Marc provided us with a lot of information on the entire process. We both learnt an awful lot that we will be using in our future fishing. We are not complete novices and nor experts but I would suggest that anybody with any level of experience would gain a lot from spending their time on a session with Marc. Thanks again!”

High Street Tackle Ilfracombe  D. Watson

“I fished with Marc on a 4 hour morning session and we had quite a few Bass on surface lures which was new to me and great fun.
I would defo recommend him as a Bass fishing guide and i will hopefully be fishing with him again in the next few weeks.”

Bass at night on lures in rough seas  E. Clarke

“Marc gave us a cracking day catching well over 30 bass, very knowledgeable and friendly, would definitely recommend!!”

Client testimony South Devon Bass Guide  S. Avison

“Having fished with bait for years I decided to take the plunge into lure fishing for bass. Experiencing our wonderful coastline and countryside (I am from South Devon also) is a passion and things like watching gannets diving and those early mornings with the Sun rising all play an important part along with finding those secluded places to fish is what makes every single session special. However, could I catch a bass on a lure? No!

Having met Marc on the coastline on a cold and wet day I was blown away by his enthusiasm and friendliness therefore, I booked myself a session with him (I have another one booked with a friend later this year). As I am a local and could fish at short notice, Marc said he would wait until the best conditions occurred as I wanted to fish in the day and night time.

What can I say! The learning that took place in that session probably saved me hundreds  hours of wasting my time. Marc showed me marks and talked about the reasons why bass would be there too. Into the night I caught a 63cm bass on an Albie Snax from the very place we had stood at low tide – it doesn’t get much better than that! Thank you so, so much Marc, can’t wait for the nest instalment!”

Big bass from South Devon Bass Guide  J. Reckless July 18

“We had a great time and learnt lots. Thanks for the effort you put into the trip and helping me catch and land a lure caught bass. Best of luck in the future!”

Bass taken on a surface lure  S. Greenwood July 18

“Marc has a real passion for bass fishing and combined with his excellent local knowledge and contacts (he introduced a great B+B) he is undoubtedly the best guide you could possibly hope for. He put us onto fish the first evening which was meant to be a practice run! All I all, I cannot recommend him enough and you won’t be disappointed – a rare find and yes Devon is glorious, stunning scenery and unbelievable coves and bays that only Marc could seek out! The highlight of the break was night fishing in a full Moon lit bay with Keith catching a 4lb+ bass and me with a 2½lb fish. Unforgettable!!!”

Bass on a silver lure at night  N. Self/K Pimblett June 18

“I booked a session with Marc on the 5th July 2018. Marc stayed in touch from the time of booking to the session itself even re-arranging the venue to suit the conditions. I’ve not used a guide before but Marc’s website and professionalism secured my booking. The session itself was a revelation, we walked the venue in the light and Marc pointed out the holding spots and when he expected them to fish and then went through the lures. There were a lot of mullet around during the light with little signs of Bass and Marc primed me to expect action as it went dark. How right he was , I hooked one and lost it and thought my chance was gone and then right after high water I was nailed by a real beastie, a hooped rod and screaming reel followed, then the sight of easily the biggest Bass i’d ever hooked on its side waiting to be landed, the pictures are on the blog and what a fantastic time I had. I learned more about Bass fishing in that session than I would have believed. All I can say is believe what you read in the blog .Marc is patient, enthusiastic and an excellent guide and if you are serious about learning how to lure fish for Bass a session with Marc is essential. Don’t hesitate, book him he’s that good! Can’t wait to get down to South Devon again. Thanks Marc Cowling.”

Guided bass fishing client  M. Andrew July 18

“Three day fishing and B&B package.
I booked three days fishing and B&B with Marc after following him via Facebook and his blogs and this was the first time I had ever booked a guided trip. From my very first contact Marc could not have been more helpful and approachable and I quickly booked a place for myself and a friend. We were given all of the info we needed to plan for the trip and, having explained that we would put ourselves totally in his expert hands, Marc offered to provide us with all of the tackle and kit we would need along with some very handy advice on clothing etc.to make the experience more comfortable.

One of the first things Marc asked was what we wanted to learn and experience and throughout the three days he tailored the fishing around us, imparting knowledge, offering hints tips and advice and encouraging us with his highly infectious enthusiasm. We fished our socks off and Marc pulled out all the stops to give us the very best opportunity of catching whilst also showing us a variety of different techniques, lures, and locations in differing conditions whilst imparting his years of hard learned knowledge. Marc will not simply ‘put you on the fish’ he will teach you how, why and where – a very rare thing indeed. Was it fun? Look at our photo’s on the blog!

Within minutes of meeting we were laughing and joking like old friends, I came away much more confident in my own fishing and I am already looking to book more sessions with Marc.”

South Devon Bass Guide Package Deals  M. Charnick June 18

“Marc is one hell of a bloke. Adaptive, selfless, highly intuitive and interesting beyond all measure. If you are standing on the fence about having a guided session for whatever reason, do it. To have someone focus solely on the development of your own personal fishing style is invaluable. I wish I had had the opportunity and the open mindedness to do it sooner. Second session already booked for July with my girlfriend as well.”

Devon dawn  J. Cresser-Brown May 18

“I was very lucky to be working away last week down in Devon and lucky to get a trip out with Mark, it was short notice as only down for 2 night’s.I contacted Mark and as luck would have it he had a night session, so jumped at the chance.

I arranged to meet Mark at a venue and what a great guide, he went through my tackle talking about rods and rod lengths and lure choice and loads of advise from the start.So we headed out to Marks 1st mark in the dark and I loved the experience despite a hit 1st cast nothing followed and after a few moves Mark said we would make a move to his 2nd mark and a great call as hit from the 1st cast followed by my 1st bass to the Albie Snax, absolutely magic, not a monster but a great scrap and in the dark great fun.

So we moved a little further off to rest that spot and again small knocks followed by a solid hit and fish taking 1 to 1.5 metres of line and a better fish hooked and landed, mark measured and went 55cm I was made up, quick pic and then carefully released to grow bigger, this was just magical. We carried on for a further 30 mins and lots if taps and knocks followed by 1 more small bass.

I cannot thank Mark enough for his great service loads of information the fish he put me on and some great laughs, more like fishing with a friend. Thank you and I will be back.”

Shingle beach for bass  G. Briggs June 18

“Lure fishing for bass is something I’ve had on my fishing to do list for a few years. When I found myself heading for the south coast last week I decided the time had come. A quick internet search led me to Marc’s excellent website and I subsequently booked an evening/early morning session. My usual fishing is for salmon, trout, grayling & pike on the fly in Scotland so this was a going to be a bit different.

Marc took into account my previous angling experience and was excellent in providing advice which complemented my own experience. Our fishing started at 19:00 and finished at 01:00 this proved to be perfect timing and well selected by Marc given the prevailing tide. Marc provided a comprehensive introduction to the area I was to be fishing, sorted a few tackle issues and made great lure choices throughout the session. I had a great time and the ultimate accolade is that I would book another session with Marc without hesitation next time I’m in the area.”

Bass from estuaries at night S. Oglesby

“My father and I have recently returned from South Devon where we spent two days fishing for Bass guided by the knowledgeable Marc Cowling. We had booked a package deal with Marc, which included 2 nights accommodation at the excellent Chillington House B&B. We had previously informed Marc that my father’s knees weren’t great and that he would struggle on challenging terrain. We needn’t have worried, Marc was able to draw upon his extensive experience and local knowledge to pick ideal fishing locations for us. Marc’s passion for this angling is infectious and he has a great tutoring style that allowed both my father and I to quickly learn the techniques required to improve our chances of landing some sizeable bass. We had a wonderful time fishing at four different places each for four hours including two night sessions. The scenery along the South Devon coast is stunning and enhances your enjoyment. We started slowly returning a nil count at our first session, improved to a small catch at our first nighter and then took two small ones the following morning. For our last night session Marc excelled himself. By this time my father’s knee was starting to pain him and Marc chose a specific location that he would not normally use but would be easier for my Dad and it was here that the highlight of our trip was landed, a 69cm beauty!

An incredibly satisfying way to end our two days thanks to Marc. Highly recommend.”

Big bass south devon guideP. Williams

“The most amazing three days fishing! Marc is a great guy who really knows what he’s talking about. But he’s also good at putting his knowledge into words, I learnt so much about finding new marks at home and what lures to try. Before my three days with Marc had finished, I’d booked my next trip! If your sitting on the fence, go for it, you won’t regret it. The other great thing is the b&b that Marc had organised was perfect, clean, comfortable and great breakfast. Thanks Marc, can’t wait to come back…”

Large seabass from south DevonT. Didymus

“I got back from a 3 night package with Marc about a week ago and am still buzzing. I learnt a lot from Marc about field craft and where to fish in places i never would have tried before. The package was just great from the super B&B to being picked up and driven to various marks as well as Marc being a top bloke. Thanks again. I will definitely be booking up again.”

Bass at night on white lures D Parsons

“Marc is a brilliant guide who offers something really special. I’ve done a lot of guided sessions before on the fly, but nothing like this. We fished a variety of hard and soft plastic lures from some lovely spots, with Marc carefully and patiently explaining all the techniques and skills as we went along. I had never lure-fished for bass before but, by the end, I felt like I had acquired years of knowledge. The highlight was the night session. A real assault on the senses and properly exhilarating. After a few near misses, including a whopper who slipped me, I eventually bagged my first, lure-caught, bass. Still re-living it and will definitely be back for more. Thanks Marc!”

Fly fishing for bass J. Day 

“Marc guided two of us for an 8 hour session through daylight into the night. Had a fantastic time culminating in catching my first ever Bass!
Marc is extremely knowledgable on the subject of lure fishing for Bass and shared information freely with us to enable us know what tackle to use, how to use it effectively, recognise a good mark, and recognise the lures to use and how to present them in variety of conditions.
Prior to the session he asked us to define what we wanted to achieve during the session and I can honestly state that all of our objectives were fully met.
On top of that Marc is a top bloke who is extremely sociable and great company to fish with. I would highly recommend his services to any Bass fisherman regardless of ability and experience.”

Night bass J. Butterworth 

“If your reading this it’s probably the only time I’ve ever felt the need to review anything or anyone in my life… enough said!
I’m probably the keenest angler you will ever meet targeting mainly freshwater species and competitions to national level. There are not many fish I’ve not caught… a big bass is one of them…

Booking the 3 day bass experience was something different and wow was I surprised for all the right reasons!
Marc is simply a top top bloke and the fishing, banter and locations he take you to made it a trip to remember! Catching a fish was a bonus… sounds strange to say but I don’t think I’ve worked that hard and enjoyed my fishing that much for many years!
Have to put a word in for the accommodation which he set up, so friendly and accommodating given the hours we were keeping and the breakfast was always magnificent!

I shall certainly be back and I’m sure his business will go from strength to strength – actually wondering if I should delete this post in case I can’t get another booking! Ha tight lines Marc and all who wet a line with you!! I swear your half bass!
Cheers fella”

Bass fishing south hams  C Skelt 

“To those of you who think, hey maybe I could do with a few pointers in my pursuit of an absolutely magnificent fish the Bass “with a lure” or those of you that are taking up this type of angling for the first time I’d highly recommend you book a session with Marc Cowling.My angling chum and I had booked an eight hour experience with Marc on the 21st July 2018. All correspondence with Marc was great and answers to my questions of what kit specifically lures was provided and I was starting to build a picture of how much passion this guy has towards bass fishing. I must also add that Marc will also supply kit and honestly could not do enough to make it a brilliant experience.

Now down to the angling!!! As we walked down to the marks that had been selected for us Marc was pumped full of questions about the environment that’s most likely to produce a Bass. Factors like weather specifically wind direction, air pressure, cloud cover and water temperature. We talked about the Bass’s diet, how vibrations of lures work. When and where Marc would use a certain tactic. Lots of questions were asked and everyone was answered and I could tell that Marc knew his stuff. Either that or in a past life he was an actual Bass himself!

The mark was an absolute cracker and conditions were spot on. We fished hard with surface lures but no Bass were to be had in daylight. A little walk to the next spot that we had looked at on low tide was fished until the early hours of the morning. I did start to think that maybe a blank was on the cards. Marc kept encouraging us and giving us snippets of information and tweaking our techniques. Then out of the blue in the last three quarters of an hour the fishing simply switched on. I managed a small Bass “my first ever!” took a needle fish lure. Then my friend Tom hooked into an absolutely cracking 3lber “Caught on an Albie Snax”. After a few photos plus fish care info from Marc the silver bar was returned. I then walked back to where I was angling absolutely chuffed to bits and after two casts managed to bag myself a 4lber that at one point put my spool on my reel into meltdown. Now I was ecstatic!!!!!! Unfortunately time beat us and the session drew to a close. Marc was just as buzzing as us on the walk back to the car park. A truly brilliant experience.

I’ve always found fishing about being an odds game. The more things that you can get in your favour and with a bit of confidence in what you are doing is only going to increase your chances of catching that dream fish.
So if you want to learn how to give yourself a great chance of that leviathan then I’d recommend you book an outing with Marc. You have to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate this guys talents as a Bass lure fishing guru!”

Client testimonies  J. Harcom 

“I’ve been lucky enough to find out about Marc from WSF forum and we booked a 4hr session as I was short of time due to family vacation. As a fairly experienced angler (20+ years) I wasn’t sure what to expect and in the back of my mind didn’t want to ‘waste’ money on a guide…well I can honestly say it was well worth it…every penny. I could have wasted a day just to look for marks let alone knowing how and when to approach them… Marc was excellent throughout…communication was top-notch, when we met at agreed 1:50am he was on time to a minute (which is a good indicator of a professional in my books). We went to a nice safe spot, he really knows the South Devon coastline well to pick the right mark in the right weather/tide conditions. He was very encouraging during the session and kept my morale high when I was becoming a bit doubtful…after 3 hours of ‘combing’ the beach it has all paid off- 70cm bass, my PB for a long time I suspect. I went home with a big grin on my face and I’m a lot more confident bass angler…what more can you ask for? Thanks Marc.”

Devon bass fishing marks  S. Smiga 

“What a great all round Guy to venture out onto the stunning Devon shoreline with & he certainly knows every inch of his coastline virtually down to the second the fish is going to hit the lure ! I would recommend him to experienced and beginners alike .
Certainly be back!”

Bass fishing business south Devon  D. McPhillips 

“Just got back from an amazing 8 hour session. Shattered, soaking wet and couldn’t be happier. Marc’s knowledge of the marks, techniques, watercraft and lure selection is second to none. I caught bass in places I wouldn’t have even considered fishing before this trip, landing a bass off the beach in heavy surf was the absolute highlight. I’m now going to revisit some marks I’ve overlooked in the past, definitely an eye-opening experience and a real confidence booster. Couldn’t recommend it more.”

Happy client holding a bass  A. Grimmer 

I grew up fishing in the Bristol Channel and moved to south Devon a few years ago and discovered lure fishing…. something very alien to fishing the murky upper reaches from where I was familiar! I was intrigued to try and understand a bit more about venue, state of tide, weather, tides, lure selection etc. I first became aware of Marc when his F.B page appeared via a childhood friend of mine Jansen Teakle who has since become a respected fishing guide in the Bristol Channel. I decided to treat myself to a guided session.

I was a little apprehensive about what to expect but straight away Marc put me at ease with his friendly and enthusiastic manner. We fished for 8 hours in tough conditions and at no point did he lose his optimism or encouragement. The knowledge he has built up over years turned out to be invaluable. We fished into the night and sure enough we dialled into prolific action…. many takes, lost fish, schoolies landed, then culminating in a stunning 3lb plus fish in great condition. A thoroughly enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone. Cheers Marc.”

Bass caught on a needlefish  S. Angelinetta 

“Hi Marc, Thanks for a fantastic weekend. I learnt so much in one weekend from you. I am so grateful for the knowledge you shared with me. I was very impressed with your patience and having you right next to me giving great advice was reassuring.

It gave me confidence to cast in areas I would not normally fish and in ways I have never fished before. I loved using all the lures that I have purchased and catching on them. Knowing how to use new lures will save me valuable time on my solo trips instead of learning the hard way. Learning to identify potentially good places to fish was also an added bonus. You have given me much food for thought. First night was an absolute blast and very exciting. Loved every minute of it and I will be back for more sessions. To anybody reading this, make a date with Marc. You will not regret it. Cheers!”

Big bass at night  K. Dewey

I’ve holidayed in South Devon for over 30 years and have fished the area for most of that time. I thought I would book a day out with Marc to try and learn new marks in the area. We fished areas I wouldn’t even thought of going to before. I learned a whole lot more than I ever knew about the area before and fished some super looking spots. Unfortunately we were not blessed with the bass gods that day, but did get a couple of feisty wrasse. Top bloke and top guiding service, can’t wait to get back down there!”

Wrasse on lures  T. Lambert 

“I recently had a couple of bass guiding sessions with Marc Cowling, one in the daylight and another in the dark and what a thoroughly informative, exciting, tiring and enjoyable experience it was.

I had been out with a bass guide on a boat previously and last year a few times on the coast and some guided trips for bone fish /sea trout etc. What I’ve noticed is that every guide I have been lucky enough to use, really knew their craft and for me being a tourist on vacation the money spent with a local guide was well worth it. I did do my home work though!
I had been leisure fishing in Cornwall for nearly 50 years either alone or for last twenty years with my nephew or younger son on holidays but never caught bass when we were trying to do so! This brings me around to why I started thinking about using a bass guide. I was realising that although I thought I had made a big progression, it is water craft /knowledge of conditions/temperature etc. that is such a huge factor and I simply had not put in enough hours to give me a picture of where the best marks I knew would be on a particular day.

I don’t live near the sea I am more than happy to spend money on a guide who will impart his knowledge on given day but what I do know is that when I met Marc a few weeks back I got my money’s worth from my endless questions and knowledge freely imparted from him. I knew I was in for one of the best opportunities I would ever get to catch my best bass to date. Was I surprised it happened ? NOT AT ALL. Having completed the formalities of filling in forms for his insurance which was very reassuring and something I don’t think I’ve been asked to do before in the UK. He’s also very professional and reassuring gauging risk assessment all the time. I felt from his infectious enthusiasm when we made our way to the 3 marks chosen that he was very optimistic about my chances (* key note Marc never fishes himself when guiding.

Would I go again with Marc as guide? I would say unequivocally yes.I have also gone more than once with other bass guides and I think he’s great value for what he offers. If you are a holiday maker who lives far from south Devon as I do and probably countless other clients of his, then you know that you have a good a chance as any of getting a good fish and learn more about this craft .I know that good bass guides like Marc put in a huge amount of hours to find marks that suit different client skills and physical capabilities for a given day on someone’s holiday when shuffling dates are awkward.

Regarding the fishing I did feel relaxed very early on when he had set me a few casts and then he just stepped well back and let me do my own thing. There was no pressure at all and when you add up a lot of the seemingly small plus points they amount to a guide that has obviously put a lot of time in to thinking about how to go about a days fishing with their client to make it memorable, enjoyable, safe and informative and in this respect he delivers in spades. I hope that this laboured review will help anyone who has found South Devon Bass Guide site make a decision about whether hiring a bass guide is worth it.”

Big bass on surface lures J. Clarke

“Saturday 19th August, what an amazing 8 hours! I’ve been sea fishing on and off for about 20 years but recently got back into it about 3 or 4 years ago. Even more recently I decided to take the plunge into lure fishing. I would by no means call myself a fishing expert or a novice but lure fishing is still all fairly new to me.
I’ve had a few successful trips on the lures but I wanted to learn more! In steps the fabulous Marc Cowling. Marc picked me up and took us to our venue for the day. Marc was very keen to know about my experience and what I wanted from the day, this allowed Marc to give me the best fishing experience.

As soon as we got to the location for the day (just before low tide) Marc was pointing out marks to fish that I would never normally have thought to fish and from them on in Marc unloaded his wealth of knowledge throughout the day.
Marc definitely put me on the fish and almost timed bites to the minute. We landed some good fish and lost some even better fish. Marc cares so much about his clients experience he was more disappointed about the lost fish than me.
If anyone is sitting on the fence and can’t decide whether to book with Marc or not my advice would be book ASAP you won’t be disappointed and you’ll definitely have a good day! I will be re booking in the future.”

Happy clients south devon bass guide  P. Richardson 

“I had an exceptional experience with Marc from South Devon Bass Guide! Last Autumn my legendary wife booked a surprise birthday Bass Guiding day with Marc and my Brother in law where Marc imparted a huge amount of Bass theory on the way to our marks. We fished all day and caught several lovely fish from varied locations and states of the tide.

This year, I had been pestering Marc all Winter to go guiding once again as soon as he thought we might have a chance of an early season catch, and through his expertise I landed a 3lb March Bass which I was thrilled about.I can now take my fishing forwards with the knowledge that I’m not wasting cash on pointless lures, or time on bad technique!A thoroughly great couple of experiences that I won’t forget. Cheers Marc, all the best for the future.”

Bass fishing with the south Devon Bass Guide  J. Gunning 

“Me and a friend went out with Marc for a 4 hour session, keen to learn about marks, conditions, lures etc for catching bass. Marc was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about lure fishing for bass.

We both came away with a vastly increased knowledge in what to look for, so we’re more than happy, and confident that we’ll be getting amongst these awesome fish on our own adventures. Marc knows the South Devon coastline as well as anyone. I can’t recommend Marc’s services highly enough.”  

Stunning south Devon  D. Rich 

I had a day out with Marc in September 2016, where do you start, well 1. Safety –
Marc is A1 on this, we got onto some great rocks and I learnt about tides and timings so you don’t get wet or stuck and as Marc’s confidence grew in my ability we tried more challenging spots safely.

2. Marc knows his stuff and I learnt loads about what to look for, his knowledge is vast and he answers your questions 3. He tells you to keep notes….boring but it works 4. The pasties are great 5. He’s a really nice guy who wants you to catch bass.

Following another session in October 2017 – Andrew wrote “I was buzzing when we packed up, could have gone on for a couple of hours more! Thanks for a great evening.” 

How to catch bass in darkness  A. Price

“Had a great time being guided by Marc!! Would recommend to anyone who wants to try Bass fishing!!”

Bass in sunny conditions  B. Knight 

“Decided to have a try at bass fishing and Marc was recommended to me as a guide for South Devon. His knowledge of this coastline and fishing with lures is second to none. This is a very addictive form of angling and will definitely be booking again”.

bass fishing unique experience  M. Sinclair 

Although you might have been fishing for many years sometimes it’s worth taking a step back. If that means going with a guide so be it. Like many other people I booked a two-day session with Marc hoping to be set in the right direction. Sometimes you miss some of the fundamentals so heading back to the classroom, or in this case the beach at low tide, to survey the landscape was very beneficial later on with the tide coming in. If you’re fishing at night and it’s pitch black you then have a much better idea of your surroundings. This is just one example of why it’s worth going out with a professional guide. Thank you, Marc, for your time and effort; it’s much appreciated.” 

Bass fishing blog Marc Cowling  D. Froy 

“I had an 8 hour session with Marc and would highly recommend him he is full of use full information and he shares it all with you and no question is too much. I had a really good time, caught fish and learnt new things will definitely go again.” 

Bass fishing exclusive fishing  S. Simpson 

“I can’t recommend Marc highly enough for whatever aspect of bass fishing you are looking to do or learn. He has a vast knowledge of the sport and is surrounded by amazing fishing marks which he knows extremely well from years of experience.

Personally I wanted to brush up skills and improve watercraft, we visited many marks and I learned loads while having a great day out and a good laugh too as Marc’s the easiest guy to get on with. I will definitely be going back down soon and look forward to it!” 

How to catch basss at night on lures  G. Rhone 

“I was gifted a days Bass fishing with Marc by my wife Gill for my Birthday, not knowing what to expect an air of excitement came over me as our agreed meeting time got closer. I was not disappointed!!!!!!! Marc is a very personable Guy, who you know you are going to get along with as soon as you meet him. As the day progressed his wealth of knowledge of Fishing, tides and environment became apparent, constantly thinking of different lures and spinners to try as conditions changed. Safety is a major feature of the day, with Marc being ever mindful of our wellbeing.

The day will appeal to novice or experienced Anglers alike, for the more experienced Angler, you will be amazed at what you don’t know.
My day started slowly, with the words perseverance, patience and “try this one” being used frequently, after trying several marks, my patience was rewarded, with 3 Bass landed and returned, the best around 5 pounds. An unforgettable day, largely due to Marc’s professionalism, thoroughly recommended to any one with an interest to catch more Bass. DON’T CONSIDER IT………DO IT.
Thank you Marc, again.” 

Bass at night on lures  R. West 

“Fishing with Marc was effortless. His enthusiasm and positive outlook to fishing are second to none. From the first minute I met Marc he started feeding me with valuable information about method, location and how to change tactics to adapt and overcome. We literally searched the marks that Marc picked until we found the fish.

Could be luck (but it definitely isn’t, but I have lure fished for bass maybe 100 times without Marc and the first time with him I nailed a PB and enjoyed every minute of the outing. I have learnt so much from Marc’s blog and newsfeed and everything fell into place last night. Book a session. You will not regret it!” THANKS MARC!!!” 

Bass fishing blogger  L. Russell 

“Well what can I say about my first guided session last night? Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic…. From the first moment I meet Marc and fellow angler Phil the learning tap was well and truly on! I am an experienced sea and trout angler but the whole lure fishing for bass thing had sort of passed me by. I wanted a session or two with Marc to learn as much as I could from the basics up, and I wasn’t disappointed. The guy is a font of knowledge on lure selection, watercraft, choosing locations, tackle.. the list goes on. One of the most important parts for me was learning how to select a mark and select the right types of lures for that mark and conditions, and finally how to work the lures effectively. Some of the things I was shown were mind blowing purely on the basis that I would never have even considered using those techniques without being shown. Once Marc explained the theory behind it, it made total sense.

I cannot even begin to describe just how good the guided session I had with Marc was, suffice to say I will be approaching my lure fishing with a totally fresh and confident outlook going forward, and will certainly be booking my next session soon!! I spend a fair chunk of money on tackle, as I’m sure a lot of us do – when it comes to lure fishing for bass this was without doubt the best money I have ever spent, just wish I’d done it sooner!!

Thanks Marc for a professional, tailored, and thoroughly enjoyable trip!! P.S sorry I lost the “Jim” lure!”

Devon coast  R. Allbones 

“Had a brilliant day with Marc. He`s so knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and helpful, that any time spent in his company is an absolute pleasure. We’ll be booking again for next year!”

Albie Snax caught bass  M. Horne 

“I booked a four hour session with Marc for my 9yr old son’s Noah’s birthday. He’s been fascinated by bass fishing for a while but hasn’t had any success on his own. We met Marc last night and walked down to a beautiful beach with interesting rocky reefs. Marc walked us along the beach showing Noah all the places they would try and fish from during the evening, explaining where the bass would come once the tide had come in. After that, he got Noah practising his casting and use of various lures that Marc had brought to try.

Marc was endlessly patient and really hands-on but firmly making sure that Noah didn’t move on to another lure the minute he thought it wasn’t going to be successful! After the light faded we moved up to a sandy cove and finally perseverance paid off. Marc helped Noah to bring in his first bass. Noah was able to feel, for the first time, the power of this fish. It really was thrilling to be there, under the comforting presence of the Start Point lighthouse, the moonlit beach and the patient guiding of a very excited little boy.

After the bass was released, they were casting out straight away, and quickly Noah got another big take. He managed to bring it almost all the way in but it wriggled off close to the beach. A few more little knocks and then we had to leave. Noah learnt so much and now has the knowledge he needs to begin his own bass fishing journey. He wasn’t remotely disappointed to only land one smaller one, on the contrary it seems to have only deepened his interest and respect for bass fishing. I feel sure that he will always remember his 9th birthday and his first bass because of Marc’s fantastic guiding. I’m sure this will be the story Noah tells his children in years to come. Thank you so much Marc and we will definitely come out with you again.” 

Young anglers  E. Dallaway 

“What a fantastic day! Great conditions, plenty of fish and excellent guiding! Thank you very much for all your help and advice. I had a wonderful day” 

Bass from Start Point  D. Wilson 

Hi Marc, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your guiding last Thursday. I thoroughly enjoyed both day and night sessions and learned a great deal too. I really wish you all the very best in your new venture.

I am sure with your knowledge, enthusiasm and skills you will do very well! I, for one, look forward to another meet up some time in 2018. Many thanks Marc for a memorable day.” 

Bepoke fishing tours  R. Slatford 

“We had a quality time with a great host in two beautiful locations. We will be back for  more next time!” Marc, really enjoyed the fishing on Monday/Tuesday – looking forward to the next trip! 

P1080341  N + R Widdoson 

I’m still buzzing about the two days you took me out! Thank you Marc! I reckon I’ll be back!”

Bass caught on a Maria Squash F95  P. Thompson 

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