Cautiously dipping my lures back in the water…

Cautiously dipping my lures back in the water…

I hope the title of this long overdue blog post goes some way to explain the state of apprehension I feel at the moment. Although pleased to now have the freedom to exercise both ‘mind and body’ following a seven and a half week fishing sabbatical, I am acutely aware that for many people out there fishing is the last thing on their mind.

Yes I am being encouraged to work, and life, at some stage, does need to get back to some kind of normality, but as I write this I do find myself somewhat torn… With fishing or angling being highlighted as a way to exercise and, rightly, as something good for peoples well-being and mental health during this difficult time, does this mean that guiding someone (in accordance with the Government’s guidelines and the Angling Trust’s recommendations to guides and gillies here and below) is the ‘right’ thing to do, taking a variety of components into account…?

Angling Trust Guidance

In my opinion the Angling Trust did an excellent job of highlighting the benefits of fishing/angling, whilst piecing together a very coherent and logical way forward for Ministers to study (you can read the full report here in case you haven’t seen it). However, even though I can now go fishing, the safety of my family must come first. Therefore, my intention is to administer something of a ‘watch and wait’ approach, with a view to commencing my official guiding season during the second half of June.

Furthermore, I am in the process of contacting all of the clients who are affected by this decision, including those who are booked onto my 3 Day Packages, in addition to the bespoke packages booked up until the 4th July (the earliest date when hotels etc can welcome quests) that required staying at the Chillington House B+B Hotel. As a reminder also, please note that:

  • Anyone who is in possession of either a Christmas or 30% Off ‘South Devon Bass Guide Voucher’ can now redeem it up until 31 Dec 2021 – essentially a 12 month extension.
  • I am still taking bookings for the 2020 season, however, priority will be given to those clients who have already booked/paid their deposits and whose sessions I have had to rearrange due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I said in my previous post here that I would only fish and/or guide when our Government deemed it safe and appropriate for me to do so and I stand by that. I have been working from home on a number of sub-projects related to my South Devon Bass Guide business throughout the lockdown, and I will continue with these alongside heading out for some personal fishing adventures! Indeed, it did feel bloody marvellous to feel that ‘whack’ reverberate through the rod last night I must say, and although it was only a bass of 45cm or so, at this moment in time it is the most beautiful fish I have ever set eyes on!

 The Lure of The Bass

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Following a glut of enquiries during the lockdown I decided to commission another batch of 100 copies of my book ‘The Lure of The Bass’, therefore, if you would like to purchase a copy then please do get in touch via the contact form below:




  1. Glad to see you back writing Marc, I look forward to reading your blogs each time they are posted ! Keep up the good work!


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