Hard Diving Minnows – My Approach (Parts 1+2+3)

Hard Diving Minnows – My Approach Parts 1+2+3)

Hard diving minnows, such as the Tackle House Feedshallow, Daiwa Shoreline Shiner and Maria Chase used to be first lure I would attach – regardless of the sea conditions that met me on the shoreline. But this was 15 years or so ago, prior to the soft plastic revolution, and when I was, in essence, still learning my trade.

Daiwa Shoreline Shiner Z120F Vertice 19g

In more recent times, although I have used what many would still consider as the quintessential bass lure far less, I would argue that their use has been in a far more effective and fish catching manner. For this reason I decided to write a series of blog posts for the online tackle store Lure Fishing For Bass depicting the following:

In Part 1 (here) I discuss why I changed my approach to using hard diving minnows, in addition to the characteristics and attributes that I look for – with colour being discussed in this post.

Part 2 here) is a continuation of the characteristics and attributes that I look for encompassing:

  • Swim depth,
  • Movement,
  • Size and Shape
  • Casting capability.

Part 3 (here) covers the situations and circumstances in which I will routinely attach a hard diving minnow to the lure clip – this incorporates occasions relating to:

  •  Water clarity
  •  Light levels
  •  Sea state
  •  Retrieve style

Bass caught on IMA Hound Glide

It has been a real pleasure writing these blog posts for the Lure Fishing For Bass site, and I am extremely grateful for all the positive comments and feedback from the readers – Thank you.

Enjoy the posts!

Marc Cowling








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