LFFB Blog Posts – How I utilise Needlefish Parts 1+2

LFFB Blog Posts – How I utilise Needlefish Parts 1+2

Once again, if you’ve already seen or read this series of articles (complimenting my recent article in Sea Angler Magazine here) that I wrote for the online lure fishing store Lure Fishing For Bass then I apologise in advance. However, from the regular messages and emails that I receive regarding their use, it appears that many of you out there are intrigued about how I go about fishing, and teaching my clients to fish these ‘big bass’ lures – the deadly Needlefish…

Bass at night on black lures

In Part 1 (here) I delve into:

  • How I started using Needlefish lures.
  • The attributes of the patterns/models that I routinely use…
  • What I believe they may represent/imitate
  • Their advantage over other lure types
  • How I utilise them (darkness, sink rate and most importantly the retrieve style).

Needlefish bass lures

Part 2 (here) covers the type of ground/seabed that I use Needlefish with photographs of actual marks, including:

  • Reefs (incorporating gullies, clefts, depressions and pools).
  • What I personally term as ‘bass highways.’

As always, I welcome any feedback or observations you may have.


Thanks for reading

Marc Cowling


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