I have written a book – The Lure of The Bass…

I have written a book – The Lure of The Bass…

So this is what I’ve been up to since the end of January… And it is the reason for my somewhat ‘sporadic’ levels of activity! To say that I am excited is the understatement of the century, as I have always wanted to achieve and accomplish writing an actual book – ultimately, it represents a milestone in what I love to do.

My sincere thanks also, to angling writer and photographer Henry Gilbey for kindly writing the book’s Foreword, and to my family for their patience!

I have great pleasure in introducing to you everything that I have learnt about lure fishing for bass over the past 27 years, and that I now teach others as a professional, shore-based guide.

The Lure of The Bass by Marc Cowling
71,000 words, 212 Pages and 8 Chapters – It’s been an undertaking, but I’ve loved writing something that I hope will be useful to my fellow anglers.

‘The Lure of The Bass’ is a reference book, including my own theories and overall approach to catching these sublime predators from the shore and on lures, interspersed with anecdotes and short stories. I have listened to my clients and collated the many questions I receive and tried to answer them. Questions such as:

  • How to find marks?
  • How to choose the right lure for the terrain and sea conditions
  • How to retrieve the lures correctly
  • The art of watercraft

Furthermore, I have broken down the chapters (below) so that the contents of the book gradually build on, or expand, on each facet related to this wonderful way of catching one the UK’s premier sporting sea fish.

Chapter 1 – The Equipment Required

How to minimise your expenditure and maximise your time in relation to purchasing the right lure rod (I break down the components separately including the length, weight, power, action, etc) and the reel (line capacity, size, retrieve ratio) for you, in addition to the clothing required, mainline/leader and the miscellaneous items (lure clips etc.).

Chapter 2 – An Introduction to Lures

How to ensure that each lure type you purchase completes a specific job for you in relation the shape, size, colour and movement and what it potentially represents in regards to the prey bass feed upon. The lure types are broken down into shallow, medium and deep diving floating minnows, weedless soft plastics, surface lures, paddle tails and sinking/suspending lures.

Chapter 3 – Movement and Behaviour

Understanding how bass traverse the coastline and how to identify potential patrolling routes and positioning points is vital to your chances of success. Plus, how do you take advantage of the fearsome, opportunistic and predatory instincts of a bass.

Chapter 4 – Finding Specific Bass Marks

What constitutes as a potential bass mark or likely venue – how do you ‘read’ the ground when the tide has retreated or when you’re looking at an image on Google Earth or a photograph.

Chapter 5 – Determining When

Once you own the appropriate equipment and lures, understand the overall behaviour of bass and you’re confident about the marks you have discovered, how do you go about ascertaining if they are even present? This chapter offers a suggestion as to which naturally occurring elements to record (tidal range, state of tide, water clarity, etc.) and how to collate them so that you can identify patterns in activity from your results. I offer a very detailed insight into my personal diary entries, the conclusions I have come to make and my overall experiences and the quantified catch rate within certain parameters. Ultimately, if you are armed with as much information as possible about deciding where and when to fish you will be increasing the odds significantly in your favour.

Chapter 6 – Utilising Lures Effectively

Deciding which lure to use over another when faced with the multitude of sea and weather conditions you’re likely to face is something my clients (more than anything) want to learn. Moreover, you can be in the right place at the right time, but that lure still needs to look and act like something bass are looking for via the angler retrieving or ‘working it’ in the correct manner. This chapter tells you ‘how’ to use lures effectively alongside capitalising on, and exploiting the elements to your advantage in pursuit if these wild and wily creatures.

Chapter 7 – Bass on Lures in Darkness

How to identify the marks, which lures to choose and how to use them, in addition to how state of tide, tidal range and light levels can affect your results. Again, I offer a unique insight into my own catches and that of my guided clients within an approach that has been a total game-changer.

Chapter 8 – Conservation and Safety

Why bass are under so much commercial pressure, their life cycle and the ways in which we, as recreational sea anglers, can play our part. Furthermore, how to stay as safe as possible whilst out on the coastline and the risks and dangers associated with the sea, including the use of Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) and life jackets.

Chapters of The Lure of The Bass


  • The price of the book is £16.99.
  • Postage (UK Mainland) and Packaging is an additional £1.99.
  • I will ship overseas (if required) with a separate quote.
  • I accept payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer (details of which I will send you when responding to any enquiries).

To purchase a copy

At the present time the book is only available directly from me – it is not for sale anywhere else while I investigate potential avenues.  If you would like to purchase one please complete the form below adding the address that you would like the book to be delivered whereby I will reply with the payment details (BACS or Paypal).



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