Devon Life Magazine – Article showcasing my business

Devon Life Magazine – Article showcasing my business

That I am a very proud Devonian goes without saying! I travelled a lot in my previous career and I can honestly say ‘hand on heart’ that I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world – to the extent that if you put a million pounds in front of me and said ‘you have to move’ I’d say ‘No Thankyou’.

I live in the South Hams region of south Devon, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) that is an exceptionally beautiful part of the UK – blessed with wild open moorland, rolling fields and a coastline that is about as rugged, remote and as stunning as it gets. The bass fishing’s not bad either!

Dawn south Devon
A photograph that I captured on my way home following a successful night fishing session.

But it’s actually the little things that make it special for me – a buzzard stalking its prey from a telegraph pole, the drive through the lanes in the dead of night and the wildlife you see. The owl in the distance as you navigate a wooded path down through the cliffs at dusk, that ‘glow’ before the Sun rises following a night fishing session and above all, eating a pasty on the rocks after I’ve caught, or assisted a client to catch a bass!

Therefore, to write an article for Devon Life magazine here highlighting why I set up the ‘South Devon Bass Guide’ business, and then actually see it published makes me very proud indeed.


Titled ‘Caught up in the joy of my passion’ it describes my early fascination with catching bass on lures, where it began, why it endured and how it culminated in becoming my full-time occupation – a professional shore based guide.

Devon Life
One of my recent clients enjoying a guided bass fishing session – it has been a fabulous season so far!

I hope you enjoy reading the article as much as I enjoyed writing it. In case you don’t manage to purchase a copy, the previously released or archive copies can be found here.

Thanks for reading,

Marc Cowling

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