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Additionally, below are comments that have been emailed to me from satisfied clients:


 Henry Gilbey (Writer and photographer)

“A seriously professional guiding operation. Wow”


R. Varney (Guided client Sep 16)


Hi Mark,
Thank you for an amazing tour and tutorial, I have been trying to catch bass now for some time and always thought they were just very rare…your knowledge and guidance has taught me that it’s not that difficult once you can read the conditions and signs. Now I just need to book in for more time with you to allow me to achieve this when I’m on my own. I highly recommend this to others it is an eye opening experience.


 T. Finch (Guided client Sep 16)


Marc delivered a fantastic day of fishing in a beautiful setting on the South Devon coast. His knowledge was incredible and he knew all of the best locations as well as being able to provide me with excellent tuition. In addition to the beautiful and relaxing scenery, Marc fished at my pace and made it very enjoyable day but I also learnt a lot too. I would highly recommend his knowledge of bass fishing and It made me realise how different it was to other types of sea fishing that I had done in the past! I would highly recommend Marc and South Devon Bass guide to anybody else either living in or visiting the Devon area- it really was a great day!

Once again, thank you for a great day of fishing Marc- I hope to be back soon!


D. Proto (Guided client Sep 16)


I arranged a days lure fishing with Marc for the end of September. We arrived, after a short walk to an amazing looking mark full of rocks, gullies and white surf. The whole day just flowed and the venues and weather were fantastic, but for me the best part of the whole experience was Marc’s helpful and intuitive manner that taught me a lot about why we go fishing. Already looking forward to our next trip!


J. Gunning (Guided client Nov 16)


I had an exceptional experience with Marc from South Devon Bass Guide! Last Autumn my legendary wife booked a surprise birthday Bass Guiding day with Marc and my Brother in law where Marc imparted a huge amount of Bass theory on the way to our marks. We fished all day and caught several lovely fish from varied locations and states of the tide. 
This year, I had been pestering Marc all Winter to go guiding once again as soon as he thought we might have a chance of an early season catch, and through his expertise I landed a 3lb March Bass which I was thrilled about.
I can now take my fishing forwards with the knowledge that I’m not wasting cash on pointless lures, or time on bad technique!

A thoroughly great couple of experiences that I won’t forget. 
Cheers Marc, all the best for the future, James


J Arthurs (Guided client Dec 16)

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Marc for a great mornings session and a whole new insight into bass fishing in the south west I’d highly recommend him for a truly professional friendly efficient service.


Will Anstis (Guided client Dec 16)

Great day fishing Wednesday with some very rough conditions but learnt a lot with a very experienced guide. Thanks again Marc. Will definitely be coming back again next year to try my luck again.


George Rhone (Guided client March 17)

Had a fantastic day out with Marc Cowling yesterday, I’ve done many many hours lure fishing but wanted to learn some more water craft first hand from someone who clearly knows his stuff.  I can’t recommend Marc highly enough as a guide, both his knowledge and personality.


Andrew Price (Guided client Sep 16)

Marc is A1 on safety, he knows his stuff and I learn’t loads about what to look for. His knowledge is vast and he answers your questions. A really nice guy who wants you to catch bass.


Tom Lambert (Guided client May 17)

I’ve holidayed in South Devon for over 30 years and have fished the area for most of that time. I thought I would book a day out with Marc to try and learn new marks in the area. We fished areas I wouldn’t even thought of going to before. I learned a whole lot more than I ever knew about the area before and fished some super looking spots. Top bloke and top guiding service, can’t wait to get back down there.


Mark Sinclair (Guided Client May 17)

Decided to have a try at bass fishing and Marc was recommended to me as a guide for South Devon.
His knowledge of this coastline and fishing with lures is second to none.
This is a very addictive form of angling and will definitely be booking again


Ben Knight (Guided client May 17)

Had a great time being guided by Marc!! Would recommend to anyone who wants to try Bass fishing!!


Dave Rich (Guided client May 17)

Me and a friend went out with Marc for a 4 hour session, keen to learn about marks, conditions, lures etc for catching bass. Marc was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and passionate about lure fishing for bass. We both came away with a vastly increased knowledge in what to look for, so we’re more than happy, and confident that we’ll be getting amongst these awesome fish on our own adventures. Marc knows the South Devon coastline as well as anyone. I can’t recommend Marc’s services highly enough.


Rob West (Guided client May 17)

I was gifted a days Bass fishing with Marc by my wife Gill for my Birthday, not knowing what to expect an air of excitement came over me as our agreed meeting time got closer. I was not disappointed!!!!!!!
Marc is a very personable Guy, who you know you are going to get along with as soon as you meet him. As the day progressed his wealth of knowledge of Fishing, tides and environment became apparent, constantly thinking of different lures and spinners to try as conditions changed. Safety is a major feature of the day, with Marc being ever mindful of our wellbeing.
The day will appeal to novice or experienced Anglers alike, for the more experienced Angler, you will be amazed at what you don’t know.
My day started slowly, with the words perseverance, patience and “try this one” being used frequently, after trying several marks, my patience was rewarded, with 3 Bass landed and returned, the best around 5 pounds.
An unforgettable day, largely due to Marc’s professionalism, thoroughly recommended to any one with an interest to catch more Bass.

Thank you Marc, again.


David McPhillips (Guided client Jun 17)

What a great all round Guy to venture out onto the stunning Devon shoreline with & he certainly knows every inch of his coastline virtually down to the second the fish is going to hit the lure ! 
I would recommend him to experienced and beginners alike .
Certainly be back !


Lee Russell (Guided client Jun 17)

Fishing with Marc was effortless. His enthusiasm and positive outlook to fishing are second to none.

From the first minute I met Marc he started feeding me with valuable information about method, location and how to change tactics to adapt and overcome.

We literally searched the marks that Marc picked until we found the fish.

Could be luck (but it definitely isn’t, but I have lure fished for bass maybe 100 times without Marc and the first time with him I nailed a PB and enjoyed every minute of the outing.

I have learnt so much from Marc’s blog and newsfeed and everything fell into place last night.

Book a session. You will not regret it!