What I Offer

I will teach you:

  • What constitutes a good bass mark – as discovering the right type of ground is essential in order to catch bass consistently. I will highlight exactly what to look for, so that you can find your own marks in the future.
  • Which lure(s) to choose to suit the conditions and the terrain. This again, is critical to enhancing your levels of success and deciding whether to attach a weedless soft plastic over, say a surface lure, can make all the difference.
  • How to ‘work’ or retrieve a lure correctly and how it was designed to do so. Understanding and mastering how to effectively utilise a lure in order to achieve as natural presentation as possible is again, fundamental to your chances of catching a bass.
  • Watercraft. This is the art of determining how certain types of marks, be it reef systems, sandy bays or rocky outcrops react under certain types of weather, sea and tidal conditions. Where bass swim, hunt and rest are all dependent on these elements.
  • Everything you need to know (from the basics upwards) including expert advice on which rod, reel, line, lures etc.

My Qualifications:

  • Over 20 years of ‘one to one’ instructing experience from my previous profession.
  • Extensive Search and Rescue experience.
  • First Aid trained.
  • Fully Insured (public liability to £1million.
  • Health and Safety (Risk Assessor) qualified.

What my service also includes:

  • A Guided Service from 1 April – mid-December.
  • Equipment – Full use of rods/reels/lures/waders (included in the price) *Lost lures and breakages will be charged at cost*
  • Tuition on casting if required – in order to maximise your chances of putting the lure/bait where the bass are likely to be.
  • A picture of that prize bass and the day itself – I will take photographs and email them to you (Share via Dropbox if you wish) for your own use.
  • Friendly, professional and determined to put you onto the fish – these sessions are purely about your experience, learning and success.
  • I will not fish myself – my undivided attention is dedicated to you throughout the entire session.
  • A follow up service (free of charge) should you require any further advice in relation to lure fishing equipment or items that we used on the day.

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