Media Articles

Being able to share my bass fishing experiences is a huge passion of mine, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have written many articles for a multitude of publications.

I am currently a features writer for Sea Angler Magazine and have also written for Total Sea Fishing Magazine between April 17 – January 18. I have also donated my work to the Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society (BASS) and Lure Angler (The Lure Anglers’ Society publication). Additionally, I write a fortnightly blog piece for the online tackle store Lure Fishing For Bass here

Below is a summary of my published work. Back copies of my Total Sea Fishing articles can be purchased from here

Total Sea Fishing (April 2017) – Hit and miss bass marks

Total Sea Fishing April 2016          Angling journalistBass fishing articles Bass marks articleBass fishing artcile Bass on lures article


Total Sea Fishing (May 2017) – How to lure a lunker

TSF Mag May          How to lure a lunker by Marc CowlingBig bass article Bass on lures for TSF MagHow to catch big bass Catching big bass on lures


Total Sea Fishing (June 2017) – Planning and Probing

Total Sea Fishing June          Marc Colwing Planning and ProbingMarc Cowling Angling Journalist June editions TSF Mag Marc CowlingMagazine bass fishing Bass lures articles


Total Sea Fishing (July 2017) – Working the water

Total Sea Fishing July          Working the water by Marc CowlingArticles on bass fishing Working luresHTO Mighty Minnow TSF Mag Bass lure fishing


Total Sea Fishing (August 2017) – Fast track to success

Total Sea Fishing August          Marc Cowling Fast track to successBass guide Bespoke fishing toursBass fishing tutor Pollack on lures


Total Sea Fishing (October 2017) – Trust in the dark side

Total Sea Fishing Mag October        Night fishing for bassBass in darkness Needlefish luresNeedlefish at night Big bass on needlefish


Total Sea Fishing (November 2017) – Race against time & 10 Lures that I always carry

Total Sea Fishing Mag November          PB article Marc Cowling Daiwa Shoreline ShinerOkuma spinning reel 9lb bass

Top 10 lures article Marc CowlingSG Sandeel Tacklehouse FeedshallowRyobi Trapper Minnow


Total Sea Fishing (December 2017) – Cold water bass on lures

Total Sea Fishing December          Winter bassBass in winter Lure in winterCatch bass in winter December caught bass


Total Sea Fishing (January 2018) – Crucial kit

Final Edition Total Sea Fishing magazine          Crucial kit Marc CowlingDocFile (10) IMA Hound GlideDocFile (12) Marc Cowling Bass Fishing Guide


Lure Anglers Society (Spring 2017) – Catching Bass on lures: Confirmation or misconception

Lure Anglers Society          Marc Cowling bass fishing articlesLure fishing article


Sea Angler (March 2017) – Cold weather bass (written for B.A.S.S)

Sea Angler March 2017          BASS article Marc Cowling


Sea Angler (Jan 2017) – The Man to call (written by Henry Gilbey)

Sea Angler magazine Jan 17          Henry Gilbey article South Devon Bass GuideGudied bass fishing Bass guide DevonLure guide Devon

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