Release Videos


As per my terms and conditions and the conservation measures for 2018, all bass are released to feed, breed and hopefully return to put a smile on the faces of future clients. Providing there is no increased risk to the fish, I will always have the Action Camera at the ready.

Capturing the moment is something very special indeed – whether that’s facilitating personal pride and accomplishment or recording these majestic creatures swimming away unharmed into their natural habitat.










  1. Brilliant web page! You were mentioned by a client on Nigel Botherway’s Talk Sport program on fishing, 6am Sunday ! I too was a follower of John Darling in Angling in the 70’s along with all the other good writers:Clive Gammon, Dave Steuart, Bob Church etc. I know you have fished lures, have you tried fly fishing for them? I’m have passed this on to a couple of my fishing friends as it would appeal and will be in touch. You are lucky South Hams is a wonderful place to live.


    1. Very kind of you to say Richard. A number of my clients this year have come from the Salmon, Trout and Fly-fishing fraternity (and they have brought a fly rod with them on occasion) but it isn’t something I’ve tried myself.
      I look forward to hearing from you and your friends.
      Best regards,


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