Lure Fishing For Bass – Blog Posts

Alongside writing material for own website and articles for Sea Angler Magazine, since April 2018 I have also written a fortnightly blog post for the excellent and superbly stocked online tackle store Lure Fishing For Bass.

How I utilise Needlefish (Part 2 of 2)

Big bass on Needlefish series Marc CowlingIn Part 1 of this series I talked about the many attributes of the needlefish that I have been using (primarily the level sinking Jim’s Lures), in addition to Read more




How I utilise Needlefish (Part 1 of 2)

Needlfish bass lure fishingIf there is one type of lure that has revolutionised the way I target bass it is undoubtedly it’s needlefish lures. Seemingly innocuous (I would even go so far as to call them insipid), particularly Read more



How I utilise an OSP DoLive Stick (Part 2 of 2)

Bass caught on an OPS DoLive StickPart 1 of this series I described what the OSP DoLive Stick is and what its attributes are, in addition to two ways in which I have successfully utilised or ‘fished’ them. In Part 2, I will Read more

How I utilise an OSP Dolive Stick (Part 1 of 2)

OSP DoLive Stick bass lureTo most lure aficionados, the OSP DoLive Stick Wakasagi requires little introduction. But the recent capture of a bass on one of these incredibly versatile lures has prompted me to describe Read more

Tidal Range – How recording it can help you catch more bass
(Part 3 of 3)

Tidal Range Part 3In Part 3 of this series I will explain some of my experiences and add examples, from personal and guided sessions, where bass lure choice based on the depth of the water on a neap tide, a moderate Read more

Tidal Range – How recording it can help you catch more bass
(Part 2 of 3)

Albie SnaxIn Part 2 of this three part series I will describe how the wind direction and strength, in addition to fluctuations/extremes in the air or barometric pressure can affect tidal range – which in turn Read more

Tidal Range – How recording it can help you catch more bass
(Part 1 of 3)

Tidal Range Part 1Tidal range – some of you might be thinking what on earth is he going on about! In Part 1 I will concentrate on what it is, how you record it, the differences between neap and spring tides and Read more



What on earth does a bass ‘think’ a white senko actually is?

wave worm 5 inch senko bassI am almost embarrassed thinking back to my first lure caught bass in darkness less than two years ago – embarrassed that I’d never really given it a chance or considered this method worthwhile from a potential guiding perspective Read more


‘Cabin Fever’ Why it might be good for you…

Bass caught on a Patchinko 125I can’t pretend that anything beats actually being out there – clambering around to a ‘secret’ secluded cove, holding a rod and working the bass lure in anticipation of that heart stopping moment when a bass slams into it.! Read more


‘Soft Surface Lures… An option?

european sea bassNo, I’m not going completely crazy, even though this bloody awful weather is becoming tiresome to say the least – especially as I strongly suspect there are still bass to be caught on lures. In fact it was the capture of a very nice (near 7lb) bass Read more



Are you a ‘Mover or a Changer’….? (Part 3 of 3)

when to change lures or move marc cowling seriesMany, many times in the past two seasons I’ve had a client say to me either prior to or after landing a bass on a lure “I would have given up on this mark or that bass lure hours ago Marc!”
When should I give up on a mark and move somewhere else Read more



Are you a ‘Mover or a Changer’…? (Part 2 of 3)

Estuary bass fishingIn Part 1 of this series I highlighted three examples – the first two were when obvious signs of bass prey behaviour had been spotted, where you’ve attempted to match what is present with your lure Read more


Are you a ‘Mover or a Changer’…? (Part 1 of 3)

Lure Fishing For Bass Marc Cowling Blog Posts

Two of the most common questions a client will ask me when I’m guided them are:1. When should I change bass lures?
2. When should I give up on a mark and move somewhere else? Read more…


A slightly ‘weightier’ Needlefish anyone?

Super Strike N FIsh Needlefish

For a while now, the fantastic, deadly, bespoke and handmade Jim’s Needlefish lures (in the 15g, 18g and 20g guises) have been my go to ‘needle’ whereby I have utilised them Read more…


The Lure of The Bass – The contents and why I decided to write it…

The Lure of The Bass by Marc Cowling

I did it! Having researched and collated everything I know about catching bass on lures from the shore in the past 27 years, I somehow managed to type the 71,000 words required Read more…



The Illex Nitro Sprat Shad – My ‘Forgotten Lure’

Illex Nitro Sprat Shad blog

As I’ve intimated many times, I only carry bass lures that fulfil a specific role, under a certain set of sea conditions and/or over a particular type of terrain – something that clearly becomes easier to establish Read more…


Aggravating August

IMA Salt Skimmer

I imagine you’re thinking ‘What a strange title for a blog post!’ And I’ll be honest, it was the first thing that popped into my head when I set about describing the recent events and what I believe are Read more…


Long Distance Diving Minnows

Daiwa Shoreline Shiner Z120F Vertice 19g

Here in the south west, and I suspect many other parts of the Country, the seasonal influx of sprat being hoarded onto the shoreline by mackerel shoals has also seen an increase in the numbers of bass inshore Read more…


Brand New or Battered?

Old lures for bass fishing

Is a shiny ‘new’ lure more effective than a tatty ‘old lure’ of exactly the same pattern? Here’s an insight into a couple of recent occurrences that have got me thinking… Back in early June, whilst guiding Read more…


Bass – Creatures of habit or a whole lot more?

Devon coastline bass fishing

I, like many authors have written about bass being territorial and sticking to regular patterns of behaviour when swimming and feeding around specific areas of coastline, under a particular set Read more…


Large Surface Bass Lures – When and How…

Chugbug caught Bass rough conditions

In a previous post for ‘Lure Fishing For Bass’ I described how small ‘popping’ and ‘sliding’ surface lures are designed to be worked fairly quickly across the top of the water in order to mimic Read more…


Savage Gear Line Thru Sandeel – Realistic and become highly reliable…

Savage Gear Line Thru Sandeel

As previously mentioned, I tend to carry lures that will do a very specific job for me, in the vast and varied conditions (configuration of the seabed, sea state and depth of water) that I will experience Read more…


The Small Surface Bass Lures I use – When and How…

Patchinko 100

This past week has seen a definite upsurge (judging by the amount of reports on Social Media) in the amount of bass being taken on bass lures fished ‘on the top’ – something that, I believe is occurring Read more…


‘Smaller’ Hard Diving Bass Lures – Why I’ll always have some with me…

Maria Squash F95

I wrote a piece last year that posed the question – is there an optimum size and shape of bass lure? Primarily, I discussed the advantages of using smaller lures in the 80-100m size – such as less wind Read more…


Night Fishing Bass Lures

Needlefish and a bass

I am positive there are many anglers out there who are intrigued, if not fascinated, by the prospect of attempting to catch a bass on a lure in darkness. But if you’re inexperienced or not particularly Read more…


Bass Lure Rods – Finding that all-rounder…

Bass fishing at dusk

Whether you’re a lure, bait, fly, beach or boat angler, the fishing rod you use is an immensely personal item, and what feels ‘right’ for one angler may feel totally alien to another. Owning a Read more…


Where in the water column?

A bass in March 2017

I imagine practically every bass lure angler in the Country is waiting and watching patiently for the reports of the first bass being caught. Social media will go ballistic, and the questions everyone Read more…

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