I have tried to answer as many of the common questions/queries I receive as possible below however, if there is something that I haven’t covered or you have a different question to ask then please do not hesitate to contact me here

1.    What is the booking process?

I am more than happy to receive enquiries via email, text or phone call and will get back to you as soon as possible if you leave your name and contact number.

From that initial contact, we can agree a date (or period when you’d like the session to take place). Following this, I will  send you an email containing details of where to send the deposit (required in order to secure you’re booking) in addition to my Client Booking Form, Health and Safety Brief and my Insurance Disclaimer.

2.    What forms do I need to complete?

All clients are required to complete a Client Booking Form so that I can ascertain your levels of experience, the equipment you require and importantly – what specifically you would like to learn.

The Health & Safety brief needs to be read and understood in advance of the session as you’ll also be asked to sign a Liability Disclaimer (stipulated by my insurers to validate my insurance) declaring any medical conditions or injuries that may increase the likelihood of an accident/incident.

*Additionally, in signing this form you are accepting the risks involved with participating in activities within a potentially dangerous environment*

3.    How much deposit do I need to pay?

A £50 deposit (per person) is required for each session/day you book with me.  For example: if you and one other angler were to book me for an 8 hour session then a £100 deposit (2x £50) would be required.

*PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE* as these days/nights will be kept free and exclusively for you once you’ve booked and have received confirmation from me that I have received your deposit.

4.    Do I need to bring any of my own equipment?

Please bring your favoured set up (rod, reel, lures etc.) but you’re more than welcome to turn up with no actual fishing equipment as I have the latest modern rods, reels and lures available – there is no additional charge for this. However, any loses or damage will be charged at cost. If you would like a list of lures to bring with you, then please do not hesitate to ask once a booking has been confirmed.

You will need to bring your own water-proof jacket, a hat suitable for the conditions, sun-cream, food and water (fluids), head torch, Polaroid sunglasses and preferably – your own waders/boots.

*I do have PVC/rubber and neoprene waders in all sizes available, but for your own comfort I would strongly recommend purchasing a pair of breathable waders as there is very likely to be a fair amount of walking (some minor wading) involved in these activities*.

5.    How and when do I pay the remaining balance?

Any remaining balance(s) or outstanding balance(s) can be transferred to my account (via Bank Transfer only) at any time prior to, or at the latest, within 14 days prior to the session(s). I do not accept cash or credit card.

6.    What happens if the weather or conditions are not suitable on the day/night?

The safety of my clients is paramount therefore, if the weather or sea conditions are considered unsuitable or dangerous, then a call will be made at the earliest possible opportunity. Following this, an alternative session will be arranged with you, or a full refund of the deposit/money already paid can be administered.

7.    Is there accommodation nearby that you’d recommend and can book on my behalf?

Yes. I would highly recommend the for Chillington House B&B Hotel for the following reason:

  • I live in the same village therefore, once you’ve driven to Chillington (south Devon) I ca provide transport to the marks – which range from 10 minutes away to a maximum of 45 minutes.
  • I will receive preferential rates and booking priority for my clients.
  • It is within 5 – 10 minutes walking distance of three fantastic country pubs!

8.    Why are night lure fishing sessions slightly more expensive and only for 4 hours?

A lure fishing session for bass in darkness is a very unique, almost bespoke experience that is more often than not conducted during unsociable hours, where fatigue could become a factor beyond the 4 hour timescale. *Sessions in darkness will be conducted from beaches, not rocks*

9.    Do I pay extra for a session that overlaps into darkness?

No. If this is pre-arranged between us due to the predicted tides/weather etc. then if a session overlaps into darkness but only by 2 hours then the price will be the same as the equivalent daylight session – details on my prices can be found here

10.    Where do we meet and at what time?

 The most important factors when planning a guided session are the tides, weather and sea conditions therefore, I will contact a client(s) 3-5 days before our session to make an initial ‘weather call’ based on the forecast conditions. Following this, I will contact a client(s) again 12-24 hours prior to the session to confirm a specific meeting point and time.

Please do let me know if there is particular time of day that is convenient for you however, by allowing me to choose the most opportune time of day/state of tide will increase your chances of success.

11.    Where do you guide your clients?

All guided sessions will be conducted from areas (specific marks) where my previous clients and I have caught bass. I have around 170 ‘marks’ (all of which have produced bass) situated over 17 miles of stunning coastline.

12.    When does the clock ‘start’ and ‘finish’ on a session?

The clock starts on a session when we commence the walk to the first mark. It will end/finish once we return to our respective vehicles to remove our waders etc. 

13.    I’m not as fit as I used to be! Can I still book you for a guided session?

Yes, of course! I have marks that are what I would determine as ‘easy access’ however, there will always be some walking involved, more often than not over some rocks.                 * Sessions in darkness are always conducted from sand or shingle beaches*

14.    Can I keep/retain a bass that I have caught?

No. My ‘Terms and Conditions’ stipulate ‘catch and release’ regardless of what the EU law states as a daily catch rate for recreational anglers.

15.    Why don’t you fish when you’re guiding me?

For these reasons:

  1. You are in my care, and as such I need to remain alert and vigilant at all times. Larger waves can occur particularly in certain conditions therefore, I need to be on the lookout at all times.
  2. If I place someone on a mark, give them instructions and then disappear off to conduct my own fishing then I am simply not guiding you – you are paying me for a service and take that very seriously indeed.
  3. Imagine if after 4 or 8 hours fishing I have caught one or more bass and you haven’t caught anything. Again, that isn’t what you’re paying me for – my guided bass fishing sessions are about fast-tracking your levels of expertise and your enjoyment.

16.    Once I’ve paid my deposit and received confirmation of a booking will it only be me that you’re guiding during that session(s)?

Yes. My guided sessions will be completed with you and whoever you have agreed is coming along with you.

17.    How many days/sessions can I book you for?

I am guiding full-time therefore, if you would like me to guide you for two, three, four days or week then I can facilitate this on a ‘Price on request’ basis.

18.    I want to book you for an 8 hour session, but can I split it into two 4 hour sessions on the same day?

Yes. In fact, this has proved very popular whereby clients very successfully complete a 4 hour session in daylight and 4 hours in darkness.

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