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My name is Marc Cowling. I offer fully insured, guided shore bass fishing (lure and bait) from the beautiful and majestic south Devon coastline. I am currently a feature writer for Total Sea Fishing magazine and also act in a consultancy capacity for both the fishing tackle company Savage Gear UK and the online fishing store Veals Mail Order.

I have fished the ‘South Hams’ for bass, wrasse, rays and pollack since I was 9 years old. However, the hard fighting and sometimes elusive bass has been the number one target for the past 24 years – with lure fishing in particular the general method of choice.

Thank you for visiting my website/blog. My aim is to express my experiences, reviews on equipment, the methods I use and a diary of the fish that my clients and I catch. Moreover, I hope you find the content a useful resource that enables you to catch bass -be it your first, your largest or increases the numbers you catch. I welcome any feedback or comments.

My bass fishing journey

Having been inspired by bass angling legends such as Mike Ladle and John Darling, it took me a number of seasons through my teenage years to even hook my first bass (on an original Rapala plug) which subsequently ran across a finger of rock, resulting in the line parting – I think I nearly cried!!

Since that pivotal moment it has been my mission to learn as much as possible about the when, where, why and how to catch what is, in my humble opinion, the most sporting sea fish in UK waters.

I’ve caught bass from a multitude of varying locations along the stunning south Devon coastline – in all weather conditions, times of day/night and states of tide. And it is this hard earned knowledge that will provide a fast-track to your own success, learning and happy memories of catching this supreme predator.

Marc Cowling

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