Guided Bass Fishing

What to expect:

  • I will teach you everything you need to know (from the basics upwards) in order to catch bass by a variety of methods and in differing locations.
  • Finding the right type of ground is essential to catch Bass consistently – I will highlight exactly what to look for, so that you can find your own marks in the future.
  • Which lure and how to use it correctly – choosing the correct lure to suit the conditions and terrain is critical, as is knowing how to effectively utilise or ‘work’ them in order to catch bass.
  • Watercraft – the art of determining how certain types of marks react under certain types of weather/sea/tidal conditions.
  • Friendly, professional and determined to put you onto the fish – these sessions are purely about your experience, learning and success.
  • I will not fish myself – my undivided attention is dedicated to you throughout the entire session.

My Qualifications:

  • Over 20 years of ‘one to one’ instructing experience from my previous profession.
  • Extensive Search and Rescue experience.
  • First Aid trained.
  • Fully Insured (public liability to £1million.
  • Health and Safety (Risk Assessor) qualified.

What my Service also includes:

  • A Guided Service from 1 Apr – 31 Jan.
  • Equipment – full use of rods/reels/lures/waders (included in the price).
  • Tuition on casting if required – in order to maximise your chances of putting the lure/bait where the Bass are likely to be.
  • Lure choice – advice on determining when a surface lure, weedless soft plastic, paddletail or sub-surface lure is suitable.
  • A picture of that prize bass and the day itself – I will take photographs and email them to you (Share via Dropbox if you wish) for your own use.



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