Writing for Sea Angler Magazine

Writing for Sea Angler Magazine

As a teenager and grown Man, heading to the Newsagent to buy the latest edition of Sea Angler was something I looked forward to every month. Indeed, I still have copies from the late 80s and early 90s stashed away safely, ready to be poured over on those long cold winter nights just in case I missed some vital clue on how to improve my own catches.

Mike Ladle’s articles, in particular, were the catalyst for my obsession with catching bass on lures. And those few early mornings when I would meet him, and have the honour of fishing with him in Dorset, are treasured experiences that massively enhanced my levels of ability.

This is why becoming a regular writer for Sea Angler, and being able to place my own experiences, both as an angler and a guide into writing means a lot to me. It really was a ‘boyhood dream’ of mine to see my own work, photography and overall ‘scribblings’ laid out inside a resource that greatly enhanced the trajectory of my own learning and development. My sincere thanks to the Editor, Cliff Brown for the opportunity and platform to share what I love doing – catching bass, and guiding others to catch them.

My latest article can be found in the current edition (558) and is all about a guided session I completed last August, in which despite clearly being inshore in numbers, the bass would only hit a very specific looking lure…

I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

Marc Cowling



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