TSF Magazine Article – Preview of ‘Working the Water’



TSF Magazine – Preview of ‘Working the Water’

A short post just to highlight my latest work as a feature writer for Total Sea Fishing Magazine – available in newsagents now (WHSmith is the most likely to stock it).

I was asked by the TSF Editor Paul Dennis, to consider writing something that probably comes as second nature to experienced lure anglers, but if you’re starting out, can actually be quite complicated – retrieve rates and styles for different lure types.

Total Sea Fishing July 17

Increasing your chances

Whether your using a sub-surface diving minnow, a surface ‘slider’ or attempting to drift a soft plastic lure down in the flow there is a method of retrieval that will ensure that what is on the end of your line, looks as natural as possible – natural = more bass.

In the article I cover the five most common types of retrieve and then elaborate by way of describing which lure suits which retrieve – some types do, of course, cross over:

  • Straight or Linear retrieve
  • Sink and Draw
  • Twitching
  • Trotting
  • Walk the Dog

Mix it up a little

To conclude, I write about the vertues of mixing up the retrieve rather than changing the lure itself, before adding an occasion when retrieving the lure very quickly (to avoid a snag coincidentally) resulted in a beautiful 4lb bass!

That word again…

Yep – Confidence… A huge percentage of being successful comes down to having confidence in what you’re doing. If something worked before then it’ll work again, but the most important thing is learning how to do it correctly in the first place.

Knowing that the lure is swimming, popping, sliding, drifting or wriggling enticingly in the bass zone in order to give yourself every opportunity to catch is essential.

Marc Cowling TSF magazine feature writer

Back Issues

If you’re interested in purchasing any back issues of Total Sea Fishing Magazine then you can find them here

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