TSF Magazine Article – Sneak preview of ‘Planning & Probing’

Total Sea Fishing Magazine – Sneak preview of ‘Planning & Probing’

My sincere thanks to Editor Paul Dennis for asking me to become a regular ‘Feature Writer’ for Total Sea Fishing Magazine. The current edition contains the third article I’ve written for this brilliant publication titled: ‘Planning & Probing’ – How to get the most out of a bass lure fishing session.

Clearly, some anglers have more time on their hands than others. But whether the aspiration is to just simply relax and get away from it all (and grasp that free evening for all it’s worth!) or you have the time to plan as much as reasonably practicable  – just how do you maximise your chances? Moreover, what if you don’t know an area very well? How do you ‘search it out’ with limited time available? What lures should you use if the ground is unfamiliar?

June’s edition – on sale now

Total Sea Fishing magazine

So with that in mind, I start out by explaining the influences I consider when making my initial planning for a guided session or my personal ventures out onto the coastline.

Angling Journalist Marc Cowling

I then move onto the ‘spontaneous session’, the type of approach I would consider and even lure choice – what do you attach first?.

Angling Journalist South Devon Bass Gude

Finally, I characterise two very contrasting sessions – the first is a ‘spur of the moment’ event conducted in calm, bright conditions on an ebbing tide. The second is a ‘planned’ session completed during the quintessential dull, flooding spring tide conditions where you’re utilising every ounce of hard-earned knowledge.

Bass fishing article south devon

The next copy of Total Sea Fishing Magazine ‘July’s edition’ hits the shelves on the 8th or 9th of June therefore, if you’d like to read the full version of this article you need to be quick!

Marc Cowling




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