Co-Guided trips in south Devon with Henry Gilbey

Co-Guided trips in south Devon with Henry Gilbey

Photographer and Angling journalist Henry Gilbey and I are in the process of planning Co-Guided bass and lure fishing sessions – commencing in September 2017, from the magnificent south Devon coastline.

Renowned for his enthusiasm towards anything fishing related! Henry has fished with professional anglers and guides all around the world, in addition to testing more items of lure fishing equipment than I can only dream about. He is, of course, a bloody good angler in his own right therefore, what we aim to offer is very exciting indeed.

Learn and Catch

Learning the how, when and where to catch fish on lures (with bass being the primary target) is the main objective. Of huge significance, the two of us working together will enable us the opportunity to accommodate groups of sporting anglers, in pursuit of realising their lure fishing ambitions.

With truly stunning surroundings and the realistic chance of catching fish on lures practically all year round – the levels of knowledge and experience that we can offer and impart means our aim is to make these sessions extremely memorable to our clients.

More details and marketing will emerge in the coming weeks in relation to the specifics, so please watch this space and get in contact with either myself at South Devon Bass Guide or Henry at Henry Gilbey’s Blog if you are interested in one of our co-guided bass/lure fishing sessions.

Marc Cowling






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