Value for money bass lures

Value for money bass lures

It’s getting to that time of year when lure anglers are thinking about replacing split rings and hooks, or indeed scouring the net in search of some shiny new lures!

It’s the reality of modern bass/lure fishing that we want to utilise gear that is appealing to use, does exactly what it should do and ultimately, assists us to catch fish. Losing the occasional lure is part and parcel of throwing pieces of plastic into rocky, weedy areas – even if they happen to cost a small fortune!

Lure companies such as Daiwa, Megabass, IMA and Tacklehouse design and build fantastically effective lures – whether they’re surface, soft plastics or minnow (sub-surface) styles respectively.  But, let’s be honest, they are expensive pieces if kit… Yes, they work but are there ‘less expensive’ lures out there that will do the job just as well? An alternative perhaps that isn’t as painful on the wallet?

My lure box isn’t crammed with £20+ lures. Yes I do own a few, but I also use many other lures successfully, that have cost me half, or even quarter of that price.

What constitutes as ‘value for money’ in my book?

  • A lure will need to be a reliable bass catcher of course! – I have caught bass on all of the lures listed below.
  • It obviously needs to be well priced – not necessarily cheap.
  • It is essential that the lure has a ‘consistent‘ or ‘reliable‘ action (on a straight retrieve if they are minnow type lures) – they should  ‘run or swim’ correctly and look natural even in rougher sea conditions.
  • The lure must be robust – it must not fall to pieces

Below are a few lures that I feel, offer value for money:

Savage Gear Sandeel


  • Model – I really like the Real Pearl, Dirty Silver and Sandeel patterns (seen above).
  • Cost – £4.99 (1x jighead and 2x bodies per pack).
  • Weight – 16g or 23g jig heads.
  • Length – 12.5 cm or 16 cm are best from the shore.
  • Buy them from Veals Mail Order (VMO)
  • Comment – Fish them ‘sink and draw’ bounced along a sandy seabed, or on a straight retrieve – alternate between the different styles if the bass are being shy! I’ve had many occassions when the only lure that has worked on the day is one of these – they will also attract wrasse, mackerel and pollack just as effectively as bass.

Grauvell Jinza Sensei


  • Model – LN105 is a favourite of mine (see above).
  • Cost – £10.99
  • Weight – 15.3g/19.8g
  • Length – 120mm/130mm
  • Buy them from Veals Mail Order (VMO)  + here
  • Comment – A really lovely finish on these IMA Komomo-esque lures. They remain in the 20 – 60cm depth range on a straight retrieve.


Storm Sea Bass Thunder Minnow


  • Model – HSD or HGB are my favourites
  • Cost – £8.99
  • Weight – 17g
  • Length – 14 cm
  • Buy them from – They are difficult to get hold of, but these two sites will often have them in stock Angling Direct + Basil Manning
  • Comments – Storm lures are by virtue, well crafted fish catchers that come at an excellent price. I came across this lure quite by chance in a store in South Devon called Ashby’s and it was fantastic until I managed to snag and lose it on a reef… I’ll certainly be stocking up on these for next season. They swim at around 50 cm below the surface on a straight retrieve and cast very well indeed.


Rapala X Rap


  • Model – ‘G’ (above in the pollack colour) and ‘AYU’ have been successful bass catchers.
  • Cost – £8.99 – £11.99
  • Weight – 13g
  • Length – 10 cm
  • Buy them from here
  • Comments – They swim in the 1.2 – 2.2 m range therefore, they’re excellent lures to use when casting into slightly deeper gullies (pollack Country!) in turbulent seas – when a little more depth and stability may be required.


Illex Nitro Sprat Shad


  • Model – Green Herring has been the most successful for me.
  • Cost – £7.79 (1x jig head + 2x bodies per pack)
  • Weight – 14g/21g
  • Length – 90mm/120mm
  • Buy them from FishonLures
  • Comments – If you’re a regular visitor to my blog then you’ll know that these lures are a firm favourite of mine – they are brilliant. Far more robust than similar articulated lures and they hammer bass. I’ve had the one above since October and have caught a lot of bass on it.


Hokkaido Metsuki 130F/150F


  • Model – Silver Bullet
  • Cost – £11.99
  • Weight – 14g or 25g
  • Length – 130mm or 150mm
  • Buy them from Veals Mail Order (VMO)
  • Comments – Another one of my ‘regulars’ and for good reason! I cannot wait until the sandeels are back inshore as this lure was extremely consistent for me last season. It casts very well for a 14g lure due to the ball-bearings and it swims at the perfect ‘sandeel’ depth of 50 – 120 cm. Veals Mail Order also sell the 150cm/25g version that is an absolute beast and has been an excellent lure to use from the beaches in rough seas – a fantastic lure.


Lunker City Slug-Go


  • Model – Arkansas Shiner
  • Cost – £6.80 (5 per pack)
  • Weight – 20g
  • Length – 7.5″
  • Buy them from Veals Mail Order (VMO)
  • Comments – The forgotten, yet original weedless soft plastic? Whenever I demonstrate these lures being twitched about under the surface to clients they are mesmerised. The bass like them too! A versatile lure that can be slid through all manner of weed/flotsam in quiet coves, yet it’s just as lethal when drifted around the rocks…  I would recommend rigging them onto a 5/0 Texposer hook here.


Maria Fake Bait and Chase SW

  • Model – Fake Bait BPH (Blue) GSH (Green) or Chase SW (Black Chrome)
  • Cost – £8.99
  • Weight – 18g – 19.5g
  • Length – 125 – 130mm
  • Buy them from Veals Mail Order (VMO)
  • Comments – I’ve grouped these lures together as they’re very similar. Veals Mail Order do not currently stock the Chase SW, but I managed to find some here. The swim depth is relatively easy to adjust with the rod tip up or down (depending on how deep you want it to swim) but the range is between 10 – 110cm – very versatile indeed


Storm Arashi Rattling Minnow

  • Model – The ’11’ is the one to go for as there is a deeper diving version.
  • Cost – £8.49
  • Weight – 17g
  • Length – 11 cm
  • Buy them from here
  • Comments – The unique circuit board lip and decent sized ball-bearing certainly ensures that these lures cast really well and maintain stability at a depth of between 50 – 100 cm. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone else using these, but I’ve caught a number of bass on them in deeper water; off of headlands especially.


Maria Squash 125

  • Model – 11H (Left image) 01H (Right image)
  • Cost – £15.98 (but worth it).
  • Weight – 20g
  • Length – 125mm
  • Buy them from Veals Mail Order (VMO)
  • Comments – The lip-less design and weight moving system enables long casting if required and it can be made to swim very effectively in very shallow water (even though it is quoted as a 20 – 100cm lure).  A sturdy, well made lure with a very inviting rolling action – a good one. NOTE – check the action is still spot on if you’re considering removing the middle treble.



  1. Thanks. Very interesting post. I will try the nitro sprat, storm arashi and the X rap. Can you tell how you use the x rap? Steady retrieve or agressiv jerkbait and stop?
    thank you.


    1. Hi Olivier. Personally, I would try a bit of both depending on the water clarity with the X rap. If it’s murky go for a steady retrieve but if it’s clear then try the odd twitch and then stop during the retrieve. Hope that helps. Marc


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