How to catch Bass – 10 lures that are bringing me success

How to catch Bass – 10 lures that are bringing me sucess.

Below is an assortment of lures (soft, hard minnows, jointed and surface) that I have consistently caught Bass on since April – plus a few notes on how and where I have fished them.

Manns Hardnose Jerkbait 6″ 030 (White) – available here

  • Sinks slowly (head first)  – I’ve had quite a few hits as this occurs.
  • If twitched, it darts around beautifully.
  • The white colour appears to do well in the late evening/darkness.

Manns Hardnose 6 Jerkbait

Z Man Sented 7″ (Floating) Jerk Shadz (Mulletron/Smoke) – available here

  • Floats – so very easily fished through the worst (weed/rock) conditions imaginable.
  • Enticing ‘slalom’ action on a slow retrieve that looks extremely realistic.
  • Fishes about 3 – 9 inches below the surface, good in calm conditions.

Z man 7 Sented Floating Jerk Shadz

O.S.P Do-Live Stick 6″ – available here

  • A very good ragworm imitation.
  • Looks the business when drifted around in amongst gullies.
  • I always seem to get very positive takes on this soft plastic.

O.S.P Do-Live Stick

Storm Saltwater Chugbug (26g) Silver Mullet – available here

  • A ‘classic’ that still catches, I’ve had more Bass over 5lb on these than any other lure.
  • Extremely good in rough conditions and where there are ‘surf tables’.
  • Very useful in murky sea conditions – the tinsel/large profile could help?

Storm Chugbug

Xorus Frosty Patchinko 500g  – available here

  • Superb casting ability, easy to cast, even into a head wind.
  • Relatively subtle compared to some surface lures – but this is what makes it effective.
  • Appears to induce takes when other surface lures haven’t.

Xorus Frosty Patchinko 500g

Abu Tormentor Jointed (Floating) Minnow (BB or Blue Mack) 30g – available here

  • Very cheap, but very effective Bass catcher.
  • Casts reasonably well considering it’s bulkiness.
  • If a Bass hits this lure, expect it to be of a decent size!

Abu Tormentor Jointed Minnow 130mm

Hokkaido Metsuki (Silver Bullet) 130F – available here

  • Looks a lot more expensive than it is.
  • Was very effective early in the season when the sandeel shoals were widespread.
  • Fishes shallow (1 – 2 ft) with a nice ‘tight’ action.

Hokkaido Metsuki

Maria Chase SW (Black Chrome) – available here

  • A shallow diver (1-2ft) used in slightly rougher conditions when stability is required.
  • Has a wonderful wide swimming action on a straight retrieve – very enticing.
  • At 19.5g, it feels very solid – you feel confident using this lure.

Maria Chase Black Chrome

IMA Hound Glide 125F (Plasma Candy) – available here

  • A ‘beast’ of a lure that casts like a bullet.
  • Great to use from a beach, when you want a little bit more distance sometimes.
  • Every Bass I’ve caught on one has absolutely ‘nailed the lure’.

IMA Hound Glide

Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50 SSR FG (Maiwashi) – available here

  • One of my general ‘Go to’ lures in a variety of conditions – I’ve admitted it! 🙂
  • Worth getting hold of as they are so versatile (rough, calm, murky) – just great.
  • Go and get one! You won’t regret it, even at £21.99!!

Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50 SSR FG.JPG

If you have some lures of your own that are doing the business right now, then please feel free to comment. Looking forward to some excellent forecast weather/tide conditions this weekend…… Marc






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